The Return of the Drog

As a Chelsea fan the return of Didier Drogba is a minefield of emotion.  On one hand this is the guy who made our team tick for so many years, he is the perfect Mourinho striker and played a big part in some of the best moments of my Chelsea supporting life.  On the other hand, the old saying states you should never go back for a reason.

As things stand the last time Didier Drogba kicked a ball for Chelsea was to score the winning penalty in a Champions League final.  It was a moment that is etched into my brain, as I am sure it is any other Chelsea fan and was the perfect send off.  Drogba confirmed his legacy as a Chelsea legend and rode off into the sun set to play out his last few years for extortionate amounts of money.  It was almost too good to be true..  His return threatens to ruin that.  What if he comes back and it does not click?  Presumably he is not going to be first choice, but what is he going to do?  Will he just pop off the bench every now and then?  Will our final memories of Drogba be as an increasingly rare super sub?

Of course that might not be how it goes.  I trust Mourinho.  I genuinely believe him when he says that this is not a deal inspired by emotion.  His removal of Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard seem to prove that.  Drogba is still a big strong striker who played a part in the World Cup this summer, even if Ivory Coast didn’t manage to set the world on fire.  He might slip straight back into Mourinho’s team and start banging them in.  If this happens I will obviously be delighted.  A fit and eager Drogba as an option, next to a hopefully prolific Costa, is mouth watering and I can’t imagine how we could fail with that combination, but there is still a big if hanging over that statement.

The truth is I am delighted to have Drogba back at the Bridge.  I couldn’t not be and when we let him go I honestly thought it was a ridiculous decision.  He is a man who belongs at Chelsea, even if it is as a slightly more bit part role than the one we are used to seeing him in.  The romantic in me even believes he could still lead the line, bullying defenders like the Drogba of old.  Who knows he might once again end his Chelsea career scoring in a Champions League final, I just hope it doesn’t have to be done on fucking penalties this time.


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