Music fans and Petitions

So in the last few weeks I have seen a few online petitions going around for a variety of musical based reasons.  One of these was asking Ghost as a band to break up, because they are not heavy metal (seriously how much of a twat do you have to be to create that) and another one requesting that Iron Maiden go back to having Derek Riggs design their album artwork.  Of course, campaigns like this are not new.  Weezer once famously had someone attempt to raise ten million dollars, which he was going to offer to them as long as they promised to never make music again.  Yet in recent years Change.Org seems to be getting filled up more and more with stupid petitions and more often than ever before, they tend to be aimed at some of our favourite artists.

So why does this annoy me?  Well firstly because it is stupid.  I’m not kidding when I say that I believe the person who started the Ghost petition is a twat.  He’s the musical fan equivalent of the Manchester United fans who paid for a banner to fly over Old Trafford, several times.  He might as well get his pens and crayons out and write them a letter with a picture comparing them to poo, such is his level of intelligence.  But secondly and my main problem with it is, it continues the recent trend of music fans believing they have  lot more right to interfere in the work of the bands they like than they actually do.

Of course fans have always been protective of their favourite bands.  They like to think they know best and the backlash when that band goes against what they feel is ‘right’ has always been strong.  Just ask Metallica about their decision to cut their hair.  Yet that does not change the fact that neither you or me have the right to tell Iron Maiden who to use for their album artwork.  You wouldn’t call up Martin Scorsese and tell him actually you preferred it when he used Robert De Niro so could he ditch this Di Caprio chap please?  You would rightly be told to fuck off.

If Iron Maiden want to go back to using Derek Riggs to do their artwork I would be delighted.  His work is as iconic as you are going to get when it comes to album covers.  If they don’t it is none of my fucking business and I should accept what they are doing now.  We are fans of Iron Maiden, we are not in the band.  Unless they bestow that power on me I should no more be able to choose who does their album artwork than I should what the album sounds like.  That is up to the guys in the band and those close to them.  This idea that bitching about in a petition should change that needs to stop.  If for no other reason than the fact that everyone who continues to do it is making themselves look like a massive wang.


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