My Thoughts on Illegal Downloading

So earlier today I read this article after Chris Hewitt, News Editor at Empire Magazine, posted it online.  Now I have verged on talking about the piracy issue in the past, but it is something I generally try to avoid.  I cannot sit here and claim that I have never downloaded anything illegally or streamed it online.  Of course I have.  If I want to watch a film that is not in my DVD collection or on Netflixs I will download it, it is not something I am proud of but when the option is there I am usually found lacking.

Yet as someone who still buys CDs, does indeed have a DVD collection and attends the cinema on an average of at least once or twice a week, I like to think I am better than most.  I give something back and these kinds of articles annoy me.  Not so much for the illegal downloading, although the excuse that everyone does it is is one of the worst excuses on the planet, but because of the brass neck that has been exhibited by David Pierce in his writing of it.  His amazing claim that he will in reality be helping The Expendables 3 is of course utter bullshit.

If Pierce does go see this movie in the cinema it rights some of the wrong, but not all of it.  Pierce has still broken the law.  He has still stolen from those that made the Expendables 3.  Yes you can claim that Sly Stallone and co have shit loads of money.  But what about the runners that worked on that movie?  The people in the back?  If this movies make less money do you think the stars are the ones hurt?  Of course their fucking not.  It’s the everyday folks who put time and effort into making this product come together.  It’s also us, next time you go to the cinema and they charge you an extortionate amount of money for a ticket stop and consider why that is.  Inflation?  It probably plays a part.  The fact the movie industry is trying to compensate for all the illegal downloads?  That definitely plays a part.

None of this even takes into account all the people who will now read Pierce’s article, realise they can get the Expendables 3 online for free and go off and do so.  Does anyone really believe that most of them will then go and see it at IMax?  Unless Pierce has a lot more of an agenda setting role than I was aware of, I somehow doubt that will be the case.  I have to be perfectly honest and say I did not have a clue that this movie has leaked.  As someone who has seen the first two movies but cannot claim to really care about the 3rd, in theory the ability to see it for free from the comfort of my own home  should be right up my street.  If I was the kind of person who wanted to do that, Pierce would have essentially made that possible for me.

As I say I really hate to preach on this matter and yet I just couldn’t resist.  Yet I know I could sit here and rant about illegal downloading all day and it will never make a difference.  It doesn’t even particularly bother me if everyone now goes off and downloads the Expendables 3.  When it will bother me is if after they do so they have the audacity to come back to me and claim that they have helped the movie by doing so.


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