Lucy and being bonkers


Lucy is bonkers.  It doesn’t really qualify as a review, but it is the truth. When insanity was being handed out, it was at the front of the queue and yet there are people out there who have genuinely used it’s scientific inaccuracies as a platform for bashing it.  Which quite frankly, I thinks even more insane.

There is no denying that the majority of Lucy is hogwash.  Then again I’m sitting next to my DVD collection and most of my favourite movies are pretty scientifically flawed. I’ve yet to see any evidence of faster than light travel and yet there are few sci-fi movies that don’t use it as a central idea.  While don’t get me started on Army of Darkness.  So why is it the case that every now and then a movie like Lucy is blasted for straying from the truth.

Well I guess most people would point towards is the way it portrays itself.  By which I mean it has Morgan Freeman talking in his most scientific voice about the nature of the brain, to a room of people who are supposedly students.  In this I assume people conclude that the film is taking a scientific high ground, that it is teaching you something.  It’s also true that Lucy does occasionally wander into pseudo science that from my understanding is bullshit.  However, I think you are making a mistake if you belive this is supposed to be taken seriously.  The very premise of this film is a myth, the brain may not work at 100% capacity but it definitely doesn’t work at 10.  To assume that Luc Besson and co are not aware of this is to insult their intelligence.  Much as I am sure they are aware police don’t tend to hand over large quantities of drugs just because the person asking knew they have a red pen on their desk.

Lucy is ridiculous and slightly mindless fun.  Yes it primps itself up with the idea of some basis in scientific fact, but it is not a scientific backing that is ever meant to be taken seriously.  It’s a scientific backing that allows Scarlett Johansson to continue her quite frankly awesome year and kick some ass along the way.  (Just as an aside, between this and Under the Skin she is quickly establishing herself as one of the best at playing alien characters.)  If you are unwilling to accept that, Lucy is very much not the film for you.

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  1. To be fair, I don’t believe I “bashed” LUCY or Scarlett Johansson in the blog to which you linked. I criticized Luc Besson for using a tired, unnecessary trope that also happens to be believed as fact by a lot of people, I bashed the 10% myth itself, and I expressed frustration that my knowledge of neurology would make it difficult for me, personally, to suspend disbelief for this particular movie. The latter is entirely upon me, and nothing to do with the merits of LUCY.

    Which is why the ending point of my post is a question not about the movie’s value (which I did mention looking “pretty damn awesome” otherwise), but about how others may experience issues with suspension of disbelief or the ability to enjoy a movie when it strays too far into an individual’s knowledge base — such as real-life cops who won’t watch crime shows, or computer programmers who cringe at hacker movies. Sorry if you came away with the wrong impression.

    1. Your blog may not have been the best example, I shall change it, and I don’t think I said you bashed Johansson in particular.

      The issue I have with talking about suspending your disbelief for the neurological aspect of it, which you will be infinitely more informed about than myself, is that to enjoy any facet of Lucy you need to suspend your disbelief. I don’t think there needs to be a distinction between suspending your disbelief for the science elements, from the simple aspects of human life that movies like Lucy also depict in ways that are ridiculous.

      The point I was trying to get across, is if you have issues suspending your disbelief for something like that, Lucy is not the film for you and therefore reviewing it on the merits of it’s science is needless (I am aware you didn’t review it, again maybe not the best example.)

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