I should really have pointed out that when I talk about games, they are most likely going to be hugely out of date.  I don’t have the time or the enthusiasm to keep up to date on the latest releases and therefore I shall just be talking about what I have been playing and recently that was Fez.

Now Fez has a lot of fame for being immortilised in the documentary Indie Game the Movie.  It’s also had a lot of fame due to the turbulent, to say the least, relationship its creator Phil Fish has had with the gaming community and particularly those that spend a lot of time online.  In fact, what convinced me to write this up is that this week Fish has, for the second time, quit the gaming industry (and less importantly Twitter) following the whole Zoe Quinn fiasco (which I have nothing to say about as it’s none of my fucking business) and the hacking of Polytron, Fish’s company,by some twats.  With all that going on, I just felt the need to remind folk that Fez is a bloody good game.

The premise of Fez is very simple and yet almost because of that simplicity is actually quite complex.  On the surface it is a classic platforming game where you go around collecting cubes.  The twist is the planes this game works on.  You see a press of a button allows you to turn the game 90 degrees, changing the entire map and getting access to a whole new host of secrets.  And what a host of secrets Fez has.

You see Fez has that old school secret vibe.  I could play this game for months and without the help of the internet, I don’t think I would come close to completing it 100%.  They are the kind of secrets that the games we should use to play as kids were full of.  You have to move the screen in a certain way or decipher a secret language in order to find everything that Fez contains.

Of course none of this would matter if it wasn’t really good fun to play.  Which of course it is.  It has a nice sense of humour and an art design that makes playing it a joy.  This is a well made game and when you take that into account, no matter what your personal opinion of Phil Fish, you can’t deny that he is a loss to the gaming industry.  I only collected a small amount of what was available in Fez and it is a game I could easily see myself going back to in order to ferret out a few more secrets.  So if like me, you are several years behind the rest of the gaming industry and wants to see what all that Phil Fish fuss is about, go and pick up Fez off Steam for a tenner and I’d be very surprised if you regretted it.


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