Night of Champions

We are approaching Night of Champions and despite a lackluster build up, it’s a PPV that has the potential to show it’s strength within the ring.  Ramblings About will now take you through every match and give you our predictions for what we expect to happen.

Paige (C) vs AJ Lee vs Nikki Bella

Paige and AJ should be the Lita and Trish of their day and yet the story line of this feud has been a mess.  The in ring side has been alright, but nothing compared to what we have seen down in NXT, but I still have hopes for this match.  Nikki Bella feels forced into it, considering she is feuding with someone not involved at all and will need to be carried by the two better wrestlers.  If her involvement is limited, there is a lack of outside shenanigans and AJ and Paige just go head to head, then this could be a good match.  Sadly I see Brie getting involved and Paige sneaking out with the title due to a roll-up or something of the like.

Sheamus (C) vs Cesaro

Sheamus and Cesaro are two of the best ‘big men’ that WWE have.  They can both truly go in the ring and at various time in their careers have seemed like they were destined for stardom.  Yet here they are feuding over the US title, a belt so unimportant WWE seem to forget they have it half the time.  I have no idea who wins this one and I don’t really care.  I’m going to predict Cesaro, because Sheamus would seem a better fit to be squashed by Lesnar in the coming months (this providing the main event goes to plan).

Mark Henry vs Rusev

Rusev has a simple gimmick that gets him heat in the US.  As a Brit, I don’t really care for all this flag waving.  The fact this angle closed Raw on Monday, suggests WWE have a lot of faith in it and there is no denying it is getting over with the live crowds.  Rusev is actually a talented bloke in the ring and I think Lana is a great mouthpiece, so I can only see this going in his direction to continue his forward momentum.  As JR used to say it won’t be pretty, but Henry has shown in the past he knows his role in matches like this, so I expect it to be entertaining.

The Usos (C) vs Gold and Stardust

It feels like I can’t remember a time when these two teams weren’t having matches, but I think that is very much down to WWE’s lack of a tag team division.  Then again, it wasn’t that long ago that The Rhodes Brothers were seemingly leading a revolution, that would see tag team wrestling restored at the top of the chain.  How things have changed.  I don’t get Stardust and I don’t care about Stardust the way I cared about Cody Rhodes.  I like The Usos and think they are a good tag team, damaged by a lack of a good division.  Either way both teams can go so this could be the sleeper match on the card.  It is another hard one to predict, but I can see the Rhodes Brothers going home with the belts in order to find the cosmic key or whatever shit they are talking about.

Dolph Ziggler (C) vs The Miz

Not that long ago Damien Sandow was on course to be a star.  He shared the ring with DX and even when losing his MITB contract looked the part, as he aggressively took it to John Cena.  Now he’s Damien Mizdow and basically a joke.  I’ve never liked Miz, probably never will, I do however think Dolph sits as one of the great unused talents of this generation and think he is the guy in the company who could get a good match out of a broom.  Because of that, this will probably be entertaining.  I assume Ziggler retains, just because it would seem weird to have given him the title just to take it off him again.  I hope Miz gets the strap though and Ziggler is finally pushed to bigger things.  Have him fail heroically against Lesnar, the way he sells he would become a star.

Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton

I will always love Jericho, but his recent return has been one of his worst.  His feud with Bray Wyatt was solid in the ring but failed to sparkle outside it as they never seemed to click and this will be one of the first times he heads off without having done any good for those he leaves behind.  Orton also seems to be in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment.  The Viper has felt stale for a long long time and comparisons with the young stars around him won’t help that.  With Jericho on the way out I suspect Orton gets the victory and probably throws in a punt for good measure in order to push an aggressive Viper.  What will be achieved by this it’s hard to say.

Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins

This match feels less important than it should.  The former SHIELD members feel a bit of an afterthought coming into Night of Champions, but there is no denying these two are set for stardom.  This match also has the potential to be great.  Rollins is good enough to make up for any weaknesses in Reigns’ game and I can see him bumping like a motherfucker for him.  I suspect he will also pick up the win, but via some nefarious means, probably involving Kane.  I suspect this only because it is the only way I can see WWE justifying giving this match away on Raw on Monday and having the babyface go over, I can’t be the only one who thinks that made no sense?

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar (C)

Lesnar needs to win.  He is the one brilliant storyline WWE have at the moment and he is probably one of the best they have had in years.  That man is legitimately terrifying right now.  He loses.  He loses that.  He loses, the breaking of the Streak (capital letter and all), the demolishing of Cena and every promo Heyman has cut is pointless, because at the end of the day Super Cena will have slayed the monster.  Cena doesn’t need to slay this monster, in fact the way Cena will respond to failing to do so may be the best thing that ever happens to his character.  If I was booking this, Lesnar would put Cena away within a minute.  It would be the ultimate sign that this man is unstoppable and it would shock everyone watching.  I don’t actually expect that to happen though, I expect it to be another hard hitting match where Cena does better than last time, but still goes down, at least I bloody well hope so.

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