Hell in a Cell Review


Hell in a Cell was last night and as I did a preview for the event, I felt the natural follow on was a review.  Believe it or not, there will be spoilers past this point.

WWE always sells their PPVs better with their opening video than the TV that leads up to it, you would think that would be a problem they would address.  Anyway.

Dolph Ziggler defeats Antonio Cesaro to retain the IC Title

Dolph going over in straight falls is very strange.  I can’t think of that ever having happened before, I’m sure someone can correct me on that though.  Hopefully, it’s a sign they are about to take him and the Intercontinental title seriously.  Although, I would also hope they would use it to maybe give Cesaro some new edge to his character, maybe born out of frustration.  I just want these guys at the top of the card basically.  I would also have liked this match to have a little more time, but what we got was very good.  That superplex was incredible.  It’s such an overused spot that it never has the oomph that people sell it with, but that one was special.  I said beforehand that these two seemed a perfect fit and I hope we get at least a little bit more of them in the future.

Nikki Bella defeats Brie Bella

This lived up to my expectations.  It wasn’t horrible but neither was it great.  I am not looking forward to what comes next either.  It’s going to be a long 30 days.

The Dust Brothers defeat The Usos to retain the Tag Championships

This was a good match, but we have seen it before.  Let’s hope this is the end of it and we now move on, because as much as I enjoy these matches, both teams could get a lot more going elsewhere and feuding with other teams.

John Cena defeats Randy Orton

Talking about having seen it before.  I’m pleased they chose to put this on at this stage in the show, I think if they had closed with it it would have left a bitter taste in the mouth.  The match itself was alright, it was more about the table than the Cell though, which is a shame.  These two always have solid matches, but it’s hard to pretend that they are a big deal when the odds are we will have another one pretty soon.  I can’t pretend to be excited about Cena vs Lesnar 3, but I don’t think I would have been excited about Orton Lesnar either.

Big Show looked blown up from his warm up.  Probably not a good sign.

Sheamus defeats Miz

MIzdow is great.  One of the few genuinely funny things on WWE TV.  I would have liked to see Miz win the belt and have Mizdow win it off him somehow to set up a face turn, but Sheamus winning isn’t that surprising.  The match was alright.  Sheamus worked his usual physical style and Miz continues to be ok in the ring, without ever being truly special.  Sandow deserves a medal for taking lemons and making lemonade.

More Bella crap no one cares about.

Rusev defeats Big Show

I love the fact Rusev went over clean.  He is probably the best heel the WWE has at the moment and as much as it’s clear he is being set up to be fed to someone, I like that WWE are actually sticking to doing so.  When Henry came out I expected him to get involved in the finish, but was glad he didn’t.  The match was probably better than I would expect.  Rusev is a very impressive athlete and Show is enough of a pro that this came out well.  It was by no means pretty, but it was entertaining while it lasted.

AJ Lee defeats Paige

I still wish this feud had been done in basically any way other than the way they did it.  Match was okay, but still too much storyline crap and not enough of these two just wrestling, something which they would be more than capable of doing.

Seth Rollins defeats Dean Ambrose

This match is important.  Never mind the actual result or the quality.  It’s important because it was WWE sending two young talent – at least young in WWE terms, both of them are very experienced – to main event a PPV.  Three, if you include Wyatt’s interference.  The brawl on top of the cage was a cool start, it really added an element of danger to the cell that was missing in the Orton Cena match.  The fall was also a cool moment.  It was no more dangerous than coming off a ladder through those tables, yet because it was the cell it seemed more exciting (and coming off a ladder is pretty damn exciting.)

I wish they hadn’t bothered with the whole gurney thing for as long as they did.  It slowed the match down and no one genuinely believed they weren’t going to keep wrestling.  I also wish they hadn’t had the dirty finish.  However, I am glad they did so with someone like Bray Wyatt rather than Kane, I had my worries after his fire extinguisher moment.  Wyatt and Ambrose could be a fascinating feud and I for one am looking forward to it.

The match was a spectacle more than a well wrestled match, but with the nature of the feud that made sense.  It was a bit slow paced for my own taste and seemed to lose the crowd a bit because of this, but if they had worked at a quick pace I would have been questioning how that was possible after falling off a cage through a table.  The curb stomp is also well on it’s way to becoming my favourite finisher at the moment.

As predicted, this was a PPV saved by in ring performances.  Ziggler and Cesaro showed their class, while Ambrose and Rollins continue to have matches that make me hope they feud on and off for years.  The tag match was good, even if we have seen it before, while Rusev and Big Show exceeded expectations.  All in all this was a good PPV, it’s now just up to WWE to start doing the same thing with Raw.


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