Hacktivist w/ Dead Harts and The One Hundred

Hacktivist are beginning to make a habit of coming to Electric Circus, with this being their second performance here within a year.  Therefore, it’s kind of strange that tonight seems to actually see a smaller crowd come out for the Milton Keynes band.  Although the lack of new material and the fact it’s a Wednesday night might have also played into that.

Before they get their chance however, we have The One Hundred who bear a few similarities to tonight’s headliners.  Combining metal, rap and electronic music, it’s an interesting combination and these guys feel like the real deal.  Lead singer Jacob Field is part singer, part rapper and he never once stops moving.  They may only be playing to 20 people but, on the surface at least, they never let them get that down.  It’s hard to put your finger on it, but these guys feel special, the tracks already feel big and  you can see them playing to a much bigger crowd.  If they aren’t working their way up bills in the next few years, I’ll eat my Metallica t-shirt.

The next band has already begun to make that slow ascent, The Dead Harts.  Yet another band to come out of Sheffield, these guys pack more riffs and chances to throw down than nearly anyone else and they seem determined to cause as much chaos as possible.  They are a really hard band to dislike and lead singer Bax spends the whole gig insuring the crowd keep moving.  If they keep playing shows like this, they are another band that will deserve a lot of your time in the future.

Talking about the future, Hacktivist sound like it.  Sure, we still don’t have a full length album yet and at least some of the crowd will have seen this set before, but when it is this good who cares?  There’s a hiccup early on as guitarist Timfy James has apparently had to rush to hospital and therefore won’t be playing.  However (and I mean this with no offence to Timfy) while many bands would be completely screwed without a guitarist, Hacktivist’s bass heavy sound insures they can get away with it.  You can also also see the advantage of sticking to the same set for a period of time, people know and love these songs and the band are as tight as you are going to get when you are missing a member.  Both vocalists (J Hurley and Ben Marvin) are constantly watchable and there is no denying this band can be heavy as a very heavy thing, despite their grime influences.  The new material they drop sounds like more of the same (in a good way) and it really does feel like Hacktivist could take over the world.

To round the evening off perfectly, Timfy returns to the stage for the final two songs and the gig finishes on a high note.  It’s another great showing from Hacktivist and one that just continues to confirm them as one of the most exciting acts in British music.  Picking comparisons is difficult, but there is a feeling this band are important.  It could be Rage Against the Machine for a new generation and if that debut album lives up to expectations, then the world will be their oyster.

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