Second Chances – Nekrogoblikon

Until recently my only real experience of Nekrogoblikon was on the Kerrang tour in 2014.  Sharing a bill with the wonderful Baby Godzilla (now known as Heck), the not really my thing but aren’t they good live Crossfaith and the yes they are ridiculous but god they are fun Limp Bizkit, it’s safe to say they stood out.  Mainly for being a bit shit.  I don’t know if I missed something, but the selling point seemed to be the fact they had a bloke dressed as a goblin.  And that wore thin fast.

However, I like to think I’m a fair person.  So decided that with the release of their fourth album, Heavy Meta, it was time to give them a second chance.  I mean if I can come around to Babymetal, this should be easy right?

Sadly no, for even when you remove the goblin and the rather awful sound of that first encounter, Nekrogoblikon are still pretty shit.  Opener ‘The End of Infinity’ starts bouncy and then becomes something that sounds like it could be out of a video game.  It’s incredibly silly and in many ways I could get on board with that, however the vocals are just bad.  Lead singer Scorpion seems to be attempting to sound like your most hackneyed of fantasy goblins, but it comes closer to someone singing through a mouthful of phlegm.  Not the most pleasant of sounds.

‘We’ve Had Enough’ wouldn’t sound out of place on the soundtrack of a horror movie played on the Disney Channel at Halloween.  And they are two of the more coherent songs.  Following that the album descends into what can only be described as a bit of a muddle.  Nekrogoblikon are obviously a band who are overflowing with ideas.  Their problem is that they react to those ideas by throwing them all at the wall and seeing what sticks.  ‘Bring Us More’ starts well, it’s fast paced and bounces along in a way that will get you tapping your foot.  However, by the end of the track it’s just become a jumbled mess of noise.  It’s what I imagine people who don’t listen to heavy metal think it sounds like.

This mess means that tracks begin to merge into each other.  You don’t notice when ‘Snax & Violence’ becomes ‘Atlantis’ and then when you think it’s moved onto the next track it turns out ‘Atlantis’ has just taken a left turn out of nowhere.  ‘We Need a Gimmick’, which is the most obvious meta part of Heavy Meta, is nowhere near as clever as it thinks it is and the strange Muse esque start to ‘Let’s Get Fucked’ is completely baffling considering it features Andrew W.K. and eventually turns around to harken back to his most famous of songs.

I kind of want to like Nekrogoblikon.  They don’t take this stuff that seriously and I am usually 100% behind that.  Music should be fun and sometimes that means it can be completely ridiculous.  However, this forgets to do anything apart from be ridiculous.  This album is just over half an hour-long and it honestly feels like it goes on forever.  They are a band of a hundred ideas, but only one or two of those are actually any good.  Which ultimately makes Heavy Meta a bit of a mess.

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