How Do You Solve a Problem Like a Seth Rollins’ Injury?

Seth Rollins’ injury is the worst thing that could have happened to WWE.  In the last six months, Rollins has upgraded from the workhorse of the SHIELD to the workhorse of the whole company.  Whether it’s dragging decent matches out of guys whose best days were twenty years ago or putting on entertaining feuds with his former stablemates.  Rollins has consistently strode above the bad booking   With him now likely to miss Wrestlemania, months of preparation have fallen down around him and the company is left in a bit of a mess.

What happens next, however, could be one of the best things to happen to WWE.  With Cena on holiday, Orton injured and Lesnar not down to do any more dates until 2016, WWE suddenly have a chance to make someone new.  To actually put the belt on a new face and book them strong going into ‘Mania.  The winner of the Survivor Series tournament will have a good start, anyone that wrestles more than once in a night has a natural legitimacy, and if WWE handles them right could easily become the Name, that they have been crying out for.

So who do they go with?  Well, the obvious answer is Roman Reigns.  The heir apparent to the Cena fortune, Reigns has been being built to a title win for quite a while and has come on leaps and bounds in the last six months.  However, I still don’t think the time is right.  Reigns needs to win the title in a feud that means something.  He needs to dethrone someone the fans hate in order to get them on side.  Rollins was the perfect foil for him and I’m not sure if breezing through a bunch of poorly booked wrestlers in a tournament is enough for the future face of the company.

However, not putting it on Reigns means that whoever does win it is one of those poorly booked wrestlers.  WWE’s love of even stevens booking has left them with a roster full of great workers, but none of whom seem intimidating.  The likes of Wade Barrett, Rusev, Ziggler and Cesaro could all hold that belt, but they’ve all lost so many times that no one would expect them to keep it.  The same reason that Reigns beating them all to win the title doesn’t seem impressive is the same reason why them winning it themselves isn’t that exciting.

Yet what WWE really needs, and I mean really needs, is a big heel who works every single week.  Now Bray Wyatt could be that man but he is locked up with Undertaker and doesn’t strike me as a man who needs titles.  Rusev should have been that man, but WWE fucked it.  Kevin Owens can be that man.  Now hear me out, Owens after a blistering start has been booked badly, but not as badly as others.  He wins a lot of matches by cheating.  He’s the IC Champion and he has currently not got an obvious feud going into Survivor Series.  Having him cheat his way to the final of the tournament would be easy.

When you get to the final is when the hard stuff comes.  Except it’s not that hard, you just let Owens wrestle.  Put him in the ring with a good talent, a Ziggler or a Cesaro, and let them beat the crap out of each other.  Give them twenty minutes and have Owens destroy his opponent the way he did Cena just a few months ago and suddenly he’s the man again.  The fans will hate him and he walks out with the title and becomes the big bad for Reigns to slay.  Give Owens a mic every week and the fans will be baying for his blood come the Rumble where you have him defend both his titles on the same night, retain the IC and drop the World to Reigns.  He doesn’t look bad because he’s wrestled two matches and if you give him the mic on the next Raw he can talk his way out of.  The company has a new major heel and Reigns takes his place at the to of the totem pole.

All of this is obviously fantasy booking and the odds are WWE will decide that Big Show should turn heel one more time and carry the belt into the Rumble or they’ll just go with the obvious in Reigns and hope the fans come along with it.  And that’s fine, I hope it works.  But what WWE should learn from this, is that when you put all your hopes on one man, it will go wrong.  They have worked Seth Rollins into the ground and it is no surprise he has picked up an injury.  WWE need to build up all the guys I’ve mentioned in this piece because at the moment they mean nothing and it means that when situations like this come around, they have no Plan B.

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  1. They’ve booked themselves into a corner. Now their only former world champs (under 40) are the miz, Sheamus, Swagger, Zigler and Del Rio. Non have had a title shot for over a year. I’m so unimpressed with booking.

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