Let’s All Boo Seth


Extreme Rules went off the air with Seth Rollins standing tall over his former brother, Roman Reigns. It raised a simple question, would WWE steer into the cheers that Rollins was receiving or would they try and turn against the current and continue with the sham that is Roman Reigns’ face run? The answer to that question was given loud and clear on Raw. Rollins – for the time being – is bad to the bone.

Yet you know, I know, Roman Reigns knows, and I’m even willing to bet that Vince McMahon knows, that when those two men walk into Money In The Bank, the crowd ain’t booing Rollins. If Extreme Rules is anything to go by Nevada will love the architect of the SHIELD. The only person getting booed will be Roman Reigns.


Which there is no point talking about, because everyone has had their say. Extreme Rules proved that no matter how well Reigns does, he isn’t getting the credit he deserves for it. He could go out there, resurrect Macho Man and fight him to an incredible 60-minute draw and he would still get booed out of the arena. That’s become the norm. So the real question is: what does this mean for Seth Rollins?

Because Seth is a good heel.  In fact, he’s a great one. He wasn’t joking when he said that he carried that company on his back during his World Title reign. The guy can do it all. However, great heels don’t get cheered. It worked with AJ Styles, AJ – even with The Clubs intervention – is pure babyface. A brilliant wrestler who just doesn’t work in the heel role. The fans loving him played into his character and caused him no pain. For Seth, it damages everything he does.


Heels live or die on crowd reaction. They need boos. I hate to sound like a poor Stone Cold Podcast, but the modern heel is dying. If you look at the current WWE roster, there are probably three guys who could be considered top heels and who get treated like them. Miz, Rusev and the always incredible Kevin Owens. That’s not enough. WWE need big bads, and Rollins can be that.

However, in wrestling more so than in most things in life perception is reality. If every time Rollins music hits, he gets a huge pop, he won’t be a heel for long. The sad thing is, there is no spot for a face Rollins on the roster at the moment. That side of things is crowded enough as it is. So this is where the fans come in. Heels need boos, and if you are truly a smart wrestling fan, you will give Rollins those boos when he asks for them.

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