Money In The Bank Preview


It’s that time of year again. The time when multiple wrestlers climb into a ring and nearly kill each other for a cheap looking briefcase. I always feel split about these multi-man ladder matches. There is no denying that they are entertaining; but are they worth it? Does Damien Sandow feel like the risks he took in Money In The Bank matches were worth his time?

No matter what I think, said match will go ahead, and it is in an excellent position where I would be happy with nearly anyone in it winning the briefcase. Del Rio and Jericho seem unlikely, but neither would be a disaster. I think we all know what WWE needs to do, though. Kevin Owens has been brilliant recently, and the idea of him lording it over the rest of the roster with the briefcase is already making me smile. If for whatever reasons they don’t think it’s Owen’s time, then Ambrose seems the next most likely talent to bring him fully into the Rollins and Reigns feud.


Talking about the Rollins and Reigns feud, I do worry about the outcome of that match. Seth has come back hot and having him lose a big fight a few weeks after his return seems like a massive waste. But will Roman lose? WWE are determined that he is their man, and there has been no suggestion that has changed. I can only hope there is some kind of shenanigans to make sure that Seth is kept strong.

A match in where I hope there aren’t any shenanigans is AJ Styles vs. John Cena. AJ has been incredible since he hit the WWE. He has taken every challenge they throw at him and punching it in the face. Despite that, he hasn’t  yet got a high profile win. Pin John Cena clean at MITB and suddenly that no longer matters. I’d like to see AJ specifically tell The Club not to get involved and then go out and do it by himself. Make AJ the guy Cena can’t beat and turn it into a story.


Which brings us nicely to The Club, who might just be in line to get a tag title run. The New Day is beginning to grow stale, and I think pulling them back a bit could be best for business. I also feel like having New Day, Enzo and Cass and any other babyface teams chase the big heels works a lot better than having the monsters chasing them.

With monsters in mind, Rusev should crush and in the same vein, Corbin can finally put Ziggler out to pasture. That feud has been dragging on for months now seemingly only so they can fill up pre-shows with it. End it now. I also really don’t give a damn about what happens between Sheamus and Apollo Crews. Crews has a lot of talent, but he needs more of a personality before I can take him seriously.


Let’s finish up by talking about the Woman’s Division and how after all their great work at WrestleMania, WWE have already fucked it. Are they aware that it is possible to have more than one woman’s story going at a time? Where is Sasha? How did Paige go from one of the most established members of the division to meaning nothing? What happened to ‘give women a chance’?

Instead, we have a neverending feud between Natalya and Charlotte which has now dragged Dana Brooke and Becky Lynch into it. I like all those women, they all have their strengths, but give us something else. Could you not have Lynch and Sasha feuding over the number one contender spot? Could Natalya not take on Brooke on this show and have Paige challenge Charlotte who she pinned this week? I would rather watch those three matches than Corbin vs. Ziggler, Sheamus vs. Crews or the current woman’s match. WWE are paying lip service to woman’s wrestling, but they aren’t changing anything.

MITB has the potential to be a good show. The Tag Title match and MITB match will be thrilling in their insanity while AJ and Cena could easily steal the show. Even Reigns continues to defy crowd chanting and keep me interested in his title matches. The problem is that the rest of it feels like filler. If WWE is planning on going to two Network Specials a month following the brand split, then it is going to require a lot more than this to get people watching them all.

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