Money In The Bank Review


There is an argument to be made for Money in the Bank having replaced Survivor Series as one of WWE’s big four shows. The last few years have had important events take place at this ladder heavy spectacle and this year is no different. Perhaps unsurprisingly, spoilers do follow.



What have I done to deserve this?


I don’t tend to bother with the pre-show. However, I figured I’d at least watch the matches this time round. What a waste of time. These might as well have been on Superstars for all they meant. Tyler Breeze has to wish he was back in NXT. At least they appreciated his talents.

The New Day retain the Tag Team Titles


I learnt this in Japan.


The crowd should be sent to bed without dinner for laughing at that Monopoly Man joke. It looks like New Day are heading towards breaking the Tag Title record and considering how well they’ve done they deserve it. Still, I would have liked to see Gallows and Anderson win here. Their aura is quickly vanishing.

The match was the enjoyable chaos that you expected. There was an awkward moment towards the end when Cass seemed to run a bit late, and Gallows had to stand and watch while Anderson was set up for New Days finisher. It didn’t hurt the match too badly, though. I hope we now go to more personal tag title feuds rather than throwing everyone into the mix.

Baron Corbin beats Dolph Ziggler by pinfall

End of Days and hopefully the end of this feud

I tend to think boring chants are harsh. Let the talent tell their story before judging it. This, however, was boring. The match managed to overstay its welcome almost as badly as the feud has and by the end it was a relief it was over. Corbin winning was the right result, and hopefully, this leads to better things for the big man.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke beat Natalya and Becky Lynch by pinfall

The Hart Attack has lost its power.

The Natalya heel turn is interesting. I don’t think Natalya can pull it off on the mic but then again she’s an awful face on the mic so what difference does it make. It also suggests the never-ending Charlotte Natalya feud is over, and we might have some women’s matches that aren’t for the title which would be a relief. Becky gets over no matter what they do with her character because her enthusiasm is infectious and a fight with a heel Natalya could do a lot for her in-ring credibility. The match was okay and nothing more than that. I’m glad Charlotte is moving on at last.

Apollo Crews beats Sheamus by pinfall


I literally can’t stop smiling.



This and the two matches before it shows why the brand split and separate Network Specials could be a mistake. All of them felt like filler and they played out like filler too. Sheamus and Crews didn’t put on a bad match; it just wasn’t an entertaining one either. Sheamus’s character has been bashed around so much that I’m not even sure if Crews gains much by beating him. His problems with the New Era are a rehash of when he decided he disliked short people for a bit. I assume this continues but I wish it wouldn’t.

AJ Styles beats John Cena by pinfall


As the ground rushes towards him, AJ contemplates life.


WWE did a great job of making this feel like a big deal. In fact, credit where it is due they have done that with Styles since the day he debuted. I enjoyed the way that Styles seemed to have Cena’s move set scouted. The constant attempts to set up the 5 Knuckle Shuffle with Styles fighting out of it every time were nicely done and made him look intelligent. Actually, this whole match set him up as an experienced wrestler rather than some ‘rookie’ challenging the face of the company.

Despite that, I do think we could have seen a better match from these two. It was slower than I expected and I wonder if Cena’s injury is still bothering him a bit? Don’t get me wrong. It was still a good to great encounter, but it lacked a bit of flow. Finally, I was a bit disappointed by the finish. The Club interference was too definitive. Why not have them cause a distraction and then have Styles hit his finisher? I know they were going for the idea that Styles wasn’t even aware it was happening, but they could have still done that and made it feel more like he won the match with an assist rather than The Club handing it to him on a silver platter. On the upside, these two have great chemistry, and I look forward to seeing more of it.

Dean Ambrose wins MITB.


Uppercuts for all.


As MITB bank matches go, this was an alright one. Which I feel bad about saying because all six guys put a lot on the line and there were some sweet spots, but we have seen better ones in recent years. Cesaro was the stand out for me and I don’t know what that guy has to do to be given the chance he so obviously deserves. That leap from the ladder into a springboard was a thing of beauty, and I could watch him uppercut people all day.

It’s hard to get into the result without talking about what happened later in the night. With that in mind, obviously having Ambrose win makes sense. It’s just a question of what that means in the long term (which we’ll get onto shortly). One final aside, WWE have done a great job of keeping Owens and Zayn hot without having them go one on one. This surprises me greatly, but I am delighted by it.

Rusev beats Titus O’Neil by submission.


I crush your puny father.


Rusev crush! No, but seriously, Rusev crush.

Seth Rollins pins Roman Reigns. Dean Ambrose cashes in to win the WWE Title.

Catch me daddy

Another great main event from Roman Reigns. I am actually kind of sad his title reign is over. Since WrestleMania he has been on top form and he deserves credit for it. Of course, Seth and AJ also need to get a nod, but it takes two to put together a pre-determined fight as the old saying goes. Talking about Seth, while I thought Cena seemed a bit slow Rollins looked like he had never been away and he should slot back into his role as the most reliable in-ring performer WWE have with ease.

As for the finish, it is – in the here and now – perfect. Rollins doesn’t lose his return match but at the same time, he doesn’t get his title belt back yet. I know he’s currently a heel, but that is a great babyface moment waiting to happen. While Reigns has the out of being able to say he would have won if the ref bump hadn’t happened. Ambrose meanwhile keeps his loose cannon persona and gets a World Title reign – something that his work around ‘Mania at least, deserves. The problem comes from whether there is a long-term plan here. At the moment, that’s impossible to say, but I am at least intrigued to find out.

Random Thoughts

  • WWE needs to learn how to tell stories in the mid-card if this brand-split is going to work.
  • JBL was especially awful on this show.
  • It’s a shame the MITB contract has been used so quickly. Owens lording it over the rest of the roster would have been great.
  • Poor Tyler Breeze.
  • There wasn’t a single McMahon on this show. Sweet sweet relief.

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