Get In The Ring

We can all claim maturity, but it doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone loves a good fight. It’s why UFC is worth $4 billion, and Brock Lesnar is a motherfucking hero. It’s also why watching two bands bicker will also be entertaining. Whether it’s Guns ‘N’ Roses and Nirvana or Slipknot and Mushroomhead seeing two groups trade barbed comments through the media (or as is the case now, social media) is just fun.

However, now and then things get a little bit too petty for their own good which was certainly the case this weekend when Bring Me The Horizon butted heads with Brian Baker of Bad Religion fame. The whole thing kicked off when Baker posted a picture of a 30 Seconds to Mars style poster backstage at what I assume was a festival which stated that Bring Me were to be allowed through even when they didn’t have passes. A similar picture from Carcass later showed that Volbeat had a similar poster.

Now, I’m probably in no place to have an opinion on this matter. I’m not in a band, and I’ve never worked backstage so I know nothing. However, I will say that anything that makes something harder for the people that are running a festival is a dick move and from a purely outside perspective it looks egotistical as fuck.

That’s not my problem with the whole thing, however. It’s none of my business what happens behind the scenes and Olly’s occasional moment aside (alongside my misgivings about their current direction, although I did enjoy This is the Spirit more than many) I reckon the guys in Bring Me are decent blokes. They certainly seem it. So that’s why their reaction is what disappointed me.

Because rather than explaining their actions or standing up for themselves in a smart way, Olly responded by basically calling Brian Baker old. Now Baker is pretty old but it goes back to the petty nature I spoke about before. This isn’t Kurt Cobain calling out G’N’R for misogynistic bullshit or Mushroomhead complaining… oh wait, it is like that. Anyway, it’s school ground shit, and it happens to be school ground shit against a guy with more punk rock integrity in his little finger than Bring Me have ever had. I love a little bust up but not one that makes a band I like look like bellends.

I don’t know who is in the right here. For all I know, the Bring Me The Horizon signs were a joke at the expense of bands like 30 Seconds to Mars and if not them and Volbeat better have good reasons for it. But the simple fact is, by reacting the way that they did Bring Me fuel the people that have been on their back since the beginning. They’ve pulled the tails of that punk crowd that has always been down on them. They might not care about that but they also happen to be annoying some of their biggest supporters, and while they might currently not need the people they are leaving behind there is a chance that someday in the future they might. When that day comes around, incidents like this will be held against them.

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