The Final Deletion

For a young kid just discovering alternative music and trying to find a spot in the world The Hardy Boyz and Team Xtreme was a big part of my first foray into wrestling. It was Paul Heyman’s SmackDown that I watched every week, and it was that technical wrestling that fascinated me, but it was Jeff Hardy leaping off things that made sure I went from a fan to a fan for life. They were the epitome of cool in my mind and everything that a young fan wanted from their heroes.

In the years since both men have had their ups and downs. Drug issues have forced both of them to take time out and probably more importantly damaged their personal lives. However, the last few years seem to have finally seen them take a turn in the right direction and the two men look healthier and in a better mental place than they have in years. They’ve also come up with The Final Deletion.

If you haven’t been following this story on Impact then I’m sorry, I ain’t going to be the one to explain it. It’s far too complicated but The Final Deletion is at the top of the page, and the rest can be found somewhere. The simple facts are that The Hardys’ latest feud ended with a fight between Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero in the gardens of Matt’s house for control of the Hardy brand. Before that, we had attack drones, Senor Rodriguez and a xylophone.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there seem to be two camps of opinion on this particular storyline. On one hand, you have those who despise it. The kind of people who attach themselves to the Vader school of wrestling. That old school is the only school. Then you have the second group. Those who see two men not only having fun and putting together the kind of videos they’ve probably been making since they could walk and talk but also taking a risk and doing something different within a genre that is so often stale.

While I write this, I am watching Raw. The show opened with yet another Battle Royale to decide who would face the IC Champ for the belt. We’ve had Shane and Steph bicker backstage, a talk show segment and JBL talking shite. It’s all business as usual. And don’t get me wrong, I love Raw. I donate three hours of my life to it a week every week I’ve got to feel something for it. But there’s nothing new about it, we’ve seen it all before.

I have never seen The Final Deletion, though. Even Lucha Underground (which I have to be honest and say I’m not up to date with) is quite unlike it, despite sharing a similar B-movie aesthetic. And sure, some of it is so bad it is good, but it never feels like the Hardys aren’t aware of that. They knew exactly what they were making, and that makes it all the more enjoyable.

Here’re the facts, you will never see something like that on Raw. Vince will never greenlight something that sees two wrestlers, and Jeremy Borash (who is the unsung hero of that company by the way), go out and come up with something that mental. Maxel would never have made his TV debut, and the xylophone would have gone unplayed. TNA had the balls to let them do something completely different. Not every mad idea contains something as unique and as brave as The Final Deletion, but if no mad idea is ever commissioned, then how will we ever know how great they could be?

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