Ghostbusters (2016)


To say that Ghostbusters has had pressure placed on its shoulders is a bit of an understatement. If it fails it sadly gives a particular sub-section of the internet all the more reason to spill their bile-filled views. While it would be harsh to blame Paul Feig for that if it were to happen, it is hard not to root for this most reviled of films.

Well, you can all be thankful (unless you’re one of those tosspots in which case scram) because it’s good. At times, it slips into being very good. Paul Feig and his cast of talented and hilarious women have put together a film that pays tribute to the old but at the same time brings Ghostbusters into 2016.

Which isn’t to say that this is perfect. It’s not. Like most of Paul Feig’s films, the jokes come so thick and fast that they can’t all hit. However, it doesn’t stop you laughing from start to finish. The cast Feig have put together are funny, it’s as simple as that.


The standout is Kate McKinnon as the group’s engineer Holtzmann, who is probably already infamous for the gun lick that appeared in the quite frankly awful trailer. In the context of the film, though, her socially awkward and quite frankly mental character is a consistent highlight. It’s a character that could stray into annoying but never does and steals many of the scenes. Including the final ghost busting fight.

Elsewhere, it is refreshing to see Melissa McCarthy being given a straighter role to play which in many ways is similar to the way that Feig directed her in Spy. When she’s not turned up to 11, she is a genuinely funny actor and both her physical and verbal humour is spot on throughout this film.


In fact, none of the main cast put much more than a toe wrong. Leslie Jones gets to play a black woman whose whole thing isn’t that she is from the streets while Kristen Wigg being funny should be no surprise. What is a slight surprise is jhow well Chris Hemsworth plays the dumb secretary. While Hemsworth is more of an obvious comic choice than Jason Statham it is another role that could draw parallels with Feige’s work in Spy.

Most importantly, Ghostbusters gets its audience. While that Fall Out Boy version of the original theme tune is genuinely awful, it is not enough to ruin how well this film nails its tone. The scary bits are sufficient to send any group of kids scampering behind the sofa but never go too far while there is always a punchline around the corner to bring it back. This feels exactly like what Ghostbusters in 2016 should feel like and that’s great to see.

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  1. HAHA I wasn’t a big fan of the FOB version of the song either. Should’ve just kept the original. Looking forward to checking this one out, not because it has got an all-female cast but because it genuinely looks like a fun movie. Anyhow, I was just checking out the content on your blog and was wondering if you’d be interested in sharing your work on Moviepilot/Creators. I’d love to hear from you if you’d like me to expand on that. You can find my contact details on my blog. Hope to hear from you.

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