The Miz

Back in 2010, The Miz became the WWE Champion. Having entered the company as a joke, the former reality TV star reached the top of the mountain and in doing so proved everyone wrong. And he didn’t do this the easy way. This wasn’t a Roman Reigns style anointment from the McMahon’s above. He scratched, and he crawled, and he turned people that had previously hated him into fans. He was truly awesome.

Yet when that run died, so did his awesomeness. The Miz went from the most engaging heel on the roster to a parody of his own act. Flat face turns and weird tag teams became his bag. Even his teaming with Damien Sandow wasn’t really about him, but the guy stood by his side. The fan support he’d fought so hard to gain begun to dwindle, and he became just another guy.

That was until earlier this year when following WrestleMania his wife Maryse got involved with his act. Suddenly, The Miz came alive again and in the last few months the WWE’s premier couple has been one of the most reliable acts on TV.

And not just on the mic either. In that time The Miz has had good to great matches with the likes of Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Cesaro. While since the brand split he has been front and centre on SmackDown. The Miz is good TV, and even the most ardent of haters can’t deny it.

Which all leads us nicely to the promo he cut a couple of weeks back. When he appeared to lose his temper with Daniel Bryan and suddenly showed an impassioned side of him that we have never seen before. It felt like the moment where The Miz came full circle. Suddenly he was standing across from the biggest wrestling phenomenon of the last few years, and it was him stealing the show.

And sure, Bryan had a point. The Miz does work safe. If you watch his matches they very rarely go to any extremes. Which if I’m honest, is not the kind of wrestling I love. I love the kind of wrestling Daniel Bryan did. However, The Miz also had a point. Bryan is injured and looking back on his career and the risks he took I wish he hadn’t taken a single one of them if it would mean that he was still doing the thing he loved.

Which is why this promo was the one that finally cemented The Miz in my mind as a man worthy of that belt he wears. He might never be the greatest wrestler – in fact, there’s no might about it – and he will never put on a 5-star classic. However, he has nailed something completely different. He has nailed a character and a persona that knows exactly what it is and has no shame about it. In a creative landscape where we are so often left wondering exactly who certain wrestlers are meant to be. We all know who The Miz is.

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