Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg

The showdown.

Last weekend was a big one for wrestling. Survivor Series, TakeOver: Toronto and Fear & Loathing all made it feel a bit WrestleMania and yet the match that has had the most attention didn’t even go five minutes. Goldberg squashing Brock Lesnar in the Survivor Series main event was one of those moments that we’ll never forget.

So, that has to be a good thing, yea? WWE thrives on moments. While we all remember great matches they never quite live up to the instances that define eras. Stone Cold and the beer truck, Hogan slamming the Giant and The Rock and Cena standing face to face. Those are the clips that we will see a million times and Goldberg standing over Lesnar fits that mold.

That was unexpected.

But it also hurts one of the few legit wrestlers WWE had left. Ever since beating The Streak Lesnar has been untouchable. That was until he lost to a 50-year-old man who hadn’t wrestled in twelve years. Was all that effort worth it? Does giving another Attitude Era has been that bump help anyone?

And you know what, it might be great. If WWE has a year long plan where they have plotted every step that Lesnar and Goldberg will take in that time then fair enough. I will sit back, watch it and apologise for getting it wrong. Something tells me they don’t, though. How did they follow it up? With an announcement that Goldberg is in the Rumble and not even a sniff of Brock and Heyman.

Fuck sake, Brock.

I worry that this is classic WWE. That Vince and co sat down and came up with an idea to shock the world but not a way to follow through with it. That Lesnar rub should have meant so much. Could you imagine if Samoa Joe or Nakamura had been the guy to beat him? If Kevin Owens had gone into WrestleMania and pinned the Beast Incarnate? It would have been huge. Those guys would have been made. Goldberg didn’t need that.

I enjoyed Survivor Series. It had its issues (a lot of which revolved around wrestlers selling for Shane McMahon) but all in all, it was an enjoyable show. Of the three I watched over the weekend it was probably the worst but the other two set the bar high. For it to be remembered, though,  we need this to be the start of something. I don’t want Goldberg destroying Brock Lesnar to be the moment. I want it to be the moment that gave us a hundred other brilliant moments.

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