Danny Worsnop – The Long Road Home

Despite the internet’s protestations, it’s not actually the end of the world when a musician moves away from rock or metal. In fact, musical experimentation should be encouraged. I imagine disgruntled fans were moaning ‘that’s not blues rock’ at Black Sabbath back in the day, but things turned out alright for them.

Despite all of that, I don’t think there’s anyone in the world that wanted a Danny Worsnop country album. I quite like country – my mum’s a fan, so I grew up with it – and even I pressed play more out of curiosity than any expectation.

Which is a good thing, because even with low expectations The Long Road Home is fucking bollocks so I can’t imagine what it would be like if you were excited for it. It’s genuinely difficult to sit down and listen to this album the whole way through and I kind of hope that songs like ‘I Feel Like Shit’ and ‘Don’t Overdrink It’ are weak attempts at a joke.

The biggest issue is that there’s no consistency here. This sounds like someone who bought a job lot of country albums and just decided to do a bit of everything. ‘I Got Bones’ is going for country swagger while ‘Prozac’ is stripped back and melancholic. Those things can exist on the same album, but it goes further than a slight change in style. They sound like they were written by different people.

From what I’ve heard, The Long Road Home is a personal album for Worsnop. It’s something he felt he needed to do and considering his in and out status at Asking Alexandria maybe getting away from bands is what he needed. The guy can sing, and there’s no denying his talent. However, in the future, I recommend staying away from these country experiments.

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  1. This is super interesting, thanks for the share and writing this. In general, I haven’t heard of this artist before, but I should definitely look him up. If I’m starting to listen to him, what are the songs that I should be checking out?

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