Dool – Here Now, There Then

Dark, melodic and at times undeniably sexy Dool are one of those bands that you want to know nothing about. Much like Ghost, their dark pop is intriguing in its mystery, and if you discovered it was Bob and Sandra from down the road putting it together, you’d be pretty disappointed. Thankfully, that’s not the case, and these former members of The Devil’s Blood and Gold suit their own mystique nicely.

‘Vantanblack’ opens things up with an expanded intro, focusing on atmosphere rather than hooks. When the vocals come in, they are hushed, and over the course of the near eight minutes or so it goes on, it slowly builds on this. Upping the epicness until by the end you are lost inside the curls of its musical maze.

‘Goblin Serpents’ is more upbeat, moving more into that dark pop wheelhouse. At around five minutes long you can’t help but feel it would be even better as a stripped back three-minute track but Dool seem to revel in losing themselves in the music. More than one of these songs meanders off into a dark, woozy forest of gothic rock and roll and it’s all you can do to keep up.

They can do heavier too with ‘The Alpha’ being driven forward by persistent guitars. This music may be built more around atmosphere than riffs, but when they are called upon Nick Polak and Reinier Vermeulen step up to the challenge. The real MVP, however, is Ryanne van Dorst who’s vocals are equal parts enchanting and awe-inducing. On the opening of ‘The Death of Love’, she shows her ability to draw you in with sweetness but more than once on this album she sends shivers through your soul.

Here now, There Then is an album to lose yourself in. You dive into its depths and just hope that you eventually find the surface. It’s dark and brooding but also catchy and addictive. If you like your goth to have a bit of pop and your darkness a bit of light, then this is the album for you.

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