Fuck You Gene Simmons

Rather than using pictures of Gene ugly mug I’m going to fill this post with music from young bands that represent the rock scene that is apparently dying.




In what may be the least of his crimes but perhaps the one that sums him up the best, Gene Simmons has attempted to trademark the Devil’s Horns. Yes, you read that right, he wants control over the hand gesture thrown by a million heavy metal fans and adopted as a central part of our culture. Why? Because in his twisted little mind he believes he invented it. Even if you ignore the falsehood of that in light of the claims of Ronnie James Dio and pictures of Coven doing it in 1967 six years before KISS formed, this is still the act of a puckered old arsehole and should be the final nail in the idea that we should care about Gene Simmons.

For years now Gene Simmons has been an embarrassment for fans of rock music. For one thing, he seems determined to tell us all that it’s dead. That rather than it being the incredible scene we all currently know it to be it is instead a drowned corpse floating in a puddle of sewage. It might twitch when KISS decide to grace us with their presence, but apart from that, it is long gone. Yet, much like this trademark, that’s nowhere near the worst thing he has said. His views on women, mental health and Islam are much more disgusting and would make some Tories flinch. The big tongued prick is the throbbing haemorrhoid of rock and roll, and it’s time we got some cream.



And look, I get it, a lot of people love KISS. I have to admit to not being one of them, but I’ve never actually seen that live show, so maybe I’m missing out. Despite that, I can understand how hard it is to give up a musician you love. I’m still struggling to figure out exactly how I feel about Pantera after years of Anselmo’s shit and it’s easy to dismiss the crimes of a man based on your love for his art.

However, there has to be a line and rather than learning from his mistakes Gene seems to be getting worse. For me, rock, metal, punk and all these over fucked up genres of music are ways to escape from the world. They are the wonderful niches in which people that don’t fit in elsewhere find a home. Gene Simmons might once have been one of those misfits, but it was a long time ago. Now, he’s an arrogant millionaire who thinks the rest of us are worthy of nothing but contempt and the fact he’s trying to make money off of the symbol we all throw in the air to celebrate that togetherness should tell us all we need to know.


By all means, continue to listen to KISS but it’s time to stop giving Simmons a voice. Don’t read the articles and don’t click on the links. If you shut him out he will eventually go away because whether he is spewing shite about young bands or vomiting up his disgusting opinions he is a man that I, at least, no longer want to be associated with.

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