RIP Chester Bennington

If the last 24 hours has made anything clear, it’s that a generation of rock and metal fans still hold Linkin Park in their hearts. The music may have veered wildly off course in the last few years, but their brand of arena rock, rap and nu metal inspired a million kids into a passion for everything heavy. A huge part of which is because of the voice of Chester Bennington.

And I’m one of those kids, like everyone else Hybrid Theory means a lot to me and while I haven’t listened to it in a long time (until right now that is), I still know every word, every beat and every guitar. It’s an album that changed the lives of many, and that kind of thing can’t be undervalued. People tapped into the words of Bennington and found something in them that they related to.

Plus, it is full of some absolute bangers. How many albums can open with a two punch like ‘Papercut’ and ‘One Step Closer’. Drop them in any rock club on the planet, and the room will explode. Drop them in any normal club, and there’s a decent chance you’ll get the same reaction. It’s not just Hybrid Theory either, MeteoraReanimation and even the often maligned Minutes To Midnight (which I personally clung to during a tough time in my life) have outstanding moments littered through them. It’s easy to forget just how good this band were.

There will be a million tributes written to Chester Bennington over the next few days, and most of them will be more articulate and better written than this one. However, I’m going to use my own tiny platform to make a point. If you are dealing with depression or even if you’re just a bit down, talk to someone. It’s not a sign of weakness, and you’re not letting anyone down, and honestly, you’ll be surprised how many people care. Whether it’s a family member, a voice on the end of a phone or even an idiot on Twitter like me, reach out and ask for help. Don’t suffer alone, it’s not worth it.

I copied this info from TeamRock (I’m sure they wont mind on this occassion) and if you are looking for help, or even just wanting to know more about mental health problems, the following organisations are a good place to start.


Based throughout the UK, Mind provides advice to anyone experiencing mental health problems. Services include talking therapies, crisis helplines, drop-in centres, employment and training schemes, counselling and befriending. | 0300 123 3393 | | Text: 86463


Samaritans offer a confidential, non-judgmental service for people to talk through their worries. It’s free to call at any time, day or night. | 116 123 |

Help Musicians UK

The charity is leading a campaign to find solutions to mental health issues in the music industry. It offers advice and support to musicians of all genres and stature, including those who suffer from long-term problems or have recently hit a crisis in their life. | 020 7239 9103 |


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