NJPW World Tag League Night Two Review

Jeff doesn’t look too sure about this. Credit: NJPW

I did all of the G1, and I’m determined to do all of World Tag League. It’s an easier job as there are only two matches on most of these shows and New Japan isn’t releasing the undercard. Still, it’s going to be a lot of mediocre tag-team wrestling for me to watch so have some sympathy. Let’s dish out those stars.

The Best Friends (2) defeated Guerillas of Destiny (0)

Chuckie takes flight. Credit: NJPW

Everyone should have a Greg to their Dustin. I hope you find yours.

It’s incredible how Guerillas of Destiny feel fresh because they’re in the ring with a team that isn’t War Machine or Killer Elite Squad. There’s a lesson there somewhere, that is if Gedo is willing to learn it.

This was Best Friends’ fun time offence going up against GOD’s nasty tricks. Trent and Chuck may have been all about the hugs, but Haku’s sons were more interested in beating them up. It was a bit mean, to be honest.

It did lead to a decent match once we’d got past the obligatory brawling in the crowd nonsense. GOD had a nice heat section on Beretta before Chuck Taylor came in hot. Taylor isn’t quite as easy a sell to the Japanese audience as Cobb. However, the guy can wrestle, and he’s looked good in his two appearances so far. If they continue to showcase him in the way they have, he’ll get over.

In the end, our Best Friends got the upset win over the multi-time IWGP Heavyweight Champions. Nice stuff.

Verdict: Three Stars

Michael Elgin and Jeff Cobb (2) defeated CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii and Toru Yano) (0)

Bye-bye. Credit: NJPW

Large Michael and Jeff Cobb might by my new favourite tag-team. I haven’t even watched the match yet, and I already know that’s going to be true. I’m going to do so now, and then I’ll confirm or deny.

Yup, they are. Jeff Cobb is getting a New Japan contract. If he doesn’t, life isn’t fair. As he stood in the centre of the ring trading elbows with Ishii, it felt like he had found his calling. He should trade elbows with Ishii forever. I will watch it too.

We got a bit of Elgin and Yano as Elgin got revenge for that shitshow at the G1. It was nice to see. It still doesn’t make up for it.

On the whole, though, this was Elgin and Cobb vs Ishii. Yano did a few funnies and that was it. Elgin and Cobb vs Ishii is something I am 100% on board with and even working at the level of what is a glorified house show, it was a lot of fun. They are men who make chops feel more impactful than some people make powerbombs. They don’t need to go all out.

The big surprise was that it was Ishii rather than Yano who took the fall. I assume this was to make Cobb and Elgin look particularly strong in their first outing. Fingers crossed it doesn’t become the norm.

Verdict: Three And A Half Stars

Overall Show

It’s a strange looking move. Credit: NJPW

Two decent tag matches. As I mentioned these are basically glorified house shows, but they were very watchable, and they’ll only take up half an hour of your life. If you’ve got the time tune in, if you don’t, I wouldn’t worry too much.


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