The Listening Booth: Riffs for Reproductive Rights

Hello friends, welcome to The Listening Booth where I ramble incoherently about the music I’ve been putting in my ears for the last week. Or, at least, that’s what I normally do. In the interests of being open about this kind of shit, my brain has not been working with me over the last seven days. It’s nothing awful, I’m just unfocused and a bit sad, so trying to sit and absorb new music in a way that makes it possible to write a few hundred words on it, wasn’t possible. I’ve been wallowing in old favourites instead. But, rather than ditch The Listening Booth entirely, I decided it would be a better idea to throw some attention towards Riffs For Reproductive Rights, a compilation that is certainly deserving of it.

It also shouldn’t need much in the way of selling. Black Flags Over Brooklyn was an anti-fascist, anti-racism and presumably anti-dickhead festival held in Brooklyn earlier this year. If you are not anti those things, please fuck off. The brainchild of Kim Kelly, a music journalist and fascist ass-kicker whom we should all aspire to be more like, it was, by all reports, a resounding success. Now, under the same banner, they’ve released a thirty-three song compilation album to raise money for the National Network of Abortion Funds and The Yellowhammer Fund. Go and buy it.

You should, of course, buy it because the bands on here are fucking awesome (I’ve covered the likes of Svalbard and Twin Temple before), but you should also buy it because this shit needs to stop. Whether you’re American or British or Japanese or from the fucking Moon, it’s becoming increasingly clear that sitting back and ignoring the world is no longer an option. Not everyone is able to take to the streets and make a difference that way, but you can spend five, ten, twenty or thirty quid on some great music and at the same time make a small dent. Then next week maybe find a way to make another small dent and so on. If everyone continues to make those small dents then maybe one day they’ll add up to something bigger.

Fuck people who tell women what to do with their bodies, fuck fascism and fuck the system that is allowing these things to happen. Fight all of them in whatever way you can.

I’ve linked to the compilation throughout the article, but here it is once more. Enjoy the music and support something great.

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