Fuck WWE, Love Wrestling

My feelings about WWE are no secret, and yet, even I was shocked by what happened there this week. Vince McMahon, having already decided to put his wrestlers at risk by running live TV, culled the roster, releasing name after name into a world where their chances of finding employment are severely reduced. People who a few days before were so essential they were asked to fly across the country during a pandemic, were now told they didn’t have a job. It was a callous and evil act that proved, once again, Vince does not give a flying fuck about the men and women who work for him.

In fact, it was such a morally reprehensible act that I’m not sure there is a think piece in it. I don’t think I can sit here and write 500 words about how we shouldn’t be shocked or that wrestlers need to unionise. We know that. You might be the biggest WWE fan in the world, one of those bootlickers still defending Mr McMahon on Twitter, but deep down even you know this is wrong. You know he’s gone too far and that this should be the line. Seth Rollins can pretend it’s alright all he wants, but it doesn’t change a thing, and the excuses are running out.

So, instead of wasting my time, I’m going to keep this simple. There are a lot of wrestling companies, big and small, who are going to struggle over the coming months. From legendary promotions like All Japan to your local indie that brings in a big star twice a year, they are going to suffer and need your help. So, if you have a WWE Network subscription, cancel it. Why not take that money and put it into All Japan TV, Big Japan Core or Gatoh Move Experience? Why not go onto Pro Wrestling Tees and buy a top? Or Google your favourite indie wrestler’s name and figure out the best way to support them. It’s a tough time for everyone, but when we come out the other side of this, I want wrestling to exist in all its glory. People like you and I are the ones who can make that happen, so forget WWE and put your money into something which deserves it.

If you’re looking for wrestling companies to support, this website is full of reviews with links to a whole host of brilliant ones. I’m also more than happy to point you in some fun directions, so feel free to drop me a message.

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