Enough Is Enough, Fuck WWE.

For a long time I, and many others, have been saying things like: ‘well, if a wrestler wants to go to WWE, I can’t hold it against them’ or ‘watch it if you must, but you do know there is better wrestling out there, yea?’ Like most, if not all, Western fans, WWE is a part of my history. It’s the thing that made me care about the stuff I write about nearly every day. However, enough is enough. I can no longer sit back and pretend that it’s okay to associate with that company. It’s not. It’s fucked-up.

And let’s make something clear, this has nowt to do with booking or quality of wrestling. I could not give a flying fuck about that. I’ve heard Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole was a fantastic match and I have no doubt it was. It’s also not a crime to keep Cesaro in mid-card purgatory, even if I think they should push him. Choosing to watch terrible wrestling is not a crime. Christ, I’ve been known to get a kick out of it. One of the most viewed articles on this site was my review/laugh along with last year’s TripleMania.

No, the reason watching WWE is fucked up has got nothing to do with wrestling and everything to do with what that company stands for. It’s their willingness to take blood money from Saudi Arabia to run propaganda shows there at the same time as they are planning on beheading a teenager who they arrested five years ago (at the age of thirteen) for protesting against his government. That’s the same Saudi Arabia which locks up prominent women’s rights campaigners, but oh it’s okay, they at least let them fucking drive. And sure, the wrestling media will pay attention to it for the week of the show, but what happens when it is over? That’s right. They go back to reviewing Raw and giving WWE all the attention they so desperately crave (and a hell of a lot of them covered the Saudi show despite speaking out about it). It’s fucking disgusting, and I’m fed up of everyone acting like it’s not.

Let’s pretend, though. Let’s pretend that you are a psychopath who can’t feel feelings for people who look different from you. Saudi Arabia is a long way away, why worry about them? Well then, let’s go a bit closer to home. How about to America where they currently have a fuck nugget in a shit wig masquerading as president. A fuck nugget who is in the WWE Hall of Fame and who hired Linda McMahon to his cabinet as head of the Small Business Administration. A fuck nugget who used every tactic WWE has ever employed to scam his way into the White House.

Then we can have a look at the countless examples of Vince and co openly displaying their racism and sexism and homophobia and anti-Semitism. Do you want examples? There is one for every horrible ideology you can think of, from Booker T to Scotty Goldman. If you’re going to go a step further, you can include the evidence that’s come out of them covering up Ashley Massaro being raped by a member of the US armed forces while WWE went out to entertain them. That’s before we even touch on the fact they refuse to treat the men and women who break their bodies for the company as real employees.

But it’s okay because people don’t support the company. They support the wrestlers. They watch WWE for people like Sami Zayn and Becky Lynch, Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan, Finn Balor and Bayley. The men and women who are decent people but just happen to work there. FUCK THAT! Those kind people know about every single thing I just wrote. Those generous people know all of it and choose to work there anyway. I don’t care if they send a Tweet supporting LGBTQIA rights after a Saudi Arabia show because they are fucking flying back from Saudi Arabia as they write that Tweet. They did it, they went out there, and they took that blood money. I don’t even care if they gave that money to charity because week after week they take Vince McMahon’s dollars and not a cent of that is any cleaner.

Look, I’m not perfect. I watch wrestling companies that are run by people who aren’t great and hire those I consider scum. I listen to some bands who have done disgusting things, watch films with horrible people involved in them and have read books by the very worst of humanity. I’m sure anyone reading this can go back into my history to find something I’ve supported or said that is on the wrong side of history. However, few, if any, of these things, are as openly rotten as WWE is. I haven’t even touched on 98% of the actions associated with them from the sexual abuse accusations directed at Vince McMahon to the stories of bullying behind the scenes. When you watch them, when you give them your money and when you validate their existence you are supporting that, whether you like it or not. For years I have written about that company in some form or another, and it makes me feel like shit. WWE is part of the fabric of wrestling’s history, but it doesn’t have to be its future. Nothing is too big to fall. Turn it off. Walk away. It’s time to let it die.

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