Enough Is Enough, Fuck WWE.

For a long time I, and many others, have been saying things like: ‘well, if a wrestler wants to go to WWE, I can’t hold it against them’ or ‘watch it if you must, but you do know there is better wrestling out there, yea?’ Like most, if not all, Western fans, WWE is a part of my history. It’s the thing that made me care about the stuff I write about nearly every day. However, enough is enough. I can no longer sit back and pretend that it’s okay to associate with that company. It’s not. It’s fucked-up.

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The end? Or the beginning? Credit: WWE

WWE has released this news into the wild already, but, if you want absolutely no spoilers from the most recent NXT tapings, stop reading now. You stopped? Good. After over 500 days and an undefeated streak that must be around the 200 match mark, The Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka, has relinquished her NXT title. The news came at a time when she is believed to have suffered a collarbone injury, but WWE is treating it as being the set-up for her move to the main roster. Where, if they have any sense, she will do it all again.

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Jinder Mahal

It was a rather motley collection of faces.

What a difference a few months makes. If you’d asked a hundred wrestling fans who they have expected to get a push coming out of WrestleMania, I’m willing to bet not one would have said, Jinder Mahal. Mojo Rawley, Curt Hawkins and The Drifter would have been surprising, but even that would have made more sense than Jinder’s sudden rise to the top.

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The New Era Looks Suspiciously Like The Old


WWE has spent the last few weeks promoting the so-called ‘New Era’. This era has been characterised by an influx of new talent all of whom are – to put it simply – rather good. In some ways, it is a brilliant time to be a wrestling fan. When you have AJ Styles, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens being staples of WWE TV then you know that something is going right. However, underneath that surface sheen, it appears that this new era isn’t that different from the last one. In fact, it’s pretty much the same.

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CM Punk and the State of WWE

Last week CM Punk finally opened up about his final months in the WWE and unsurprisingly he chose to do so on the podcast of his good friend, Colt Cabana.  In a near two hour long interview, he painted a kind of terrifying picture of a company that not only sounds like the creative equivalent of a dry well, but also sounds like a rather horrible place to work.  It all came together to suggest that WWE may have more problems than the average fan believed.

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