Looking Forward to Some TLC


TLC is fast approaching and it comes off one of the WWE’s biggest slumps in recent memory.  The fans are fed up and even jolly old Mick Foley is taking regular pops at the current content.  However, in line with my determination to only talk about positive things in relation to WWE, I am instead going to tell you exactly why I will once again be watching this WWE event.

First up, the matches.  You may not love the feuds, but you can’t deny there are some great looking match-ups on this card.  Owens vs Ambrose for the IC title is a dream feud and those two styles should be a perfect mesh.  The three-way ladder match for the Tag Team Titles is sure to be insane and I just hope all six men make it out of there in one piece.  Even Roman Reigns and Sheamus tend to bring it on PPV and their brawling style lends itself nicely to the TLC-format.  I’d go as far as saying that there isn’t a bad match on that card and I expect most of them to deliver.

I also can’t help feeling that the company itself has to deliver.  There are rumblings that Vince is planning something big and while so far that seems to involve the umpteenth Team ECW, I think he has to pull the trigger soon.  TLC is the final stop before the Rumble and WWE will not want to continue this negative feeling into Wrestlemania season.  It is time for them to step up and show they are still the best wrestling company in the world.

Finally, tables, ladders and chairs are fun.  I know they take years off of wrestler’s career and that a lot of the wrestlers on this card will come out of it injured, but I can’t help it.  There is something fun about watching people jump off ladders and fall through tables.  I look forward to this PPV every year and this is no exception.

WWE may well be scraping the bottom of the barrel right now, but for some reason, I am looking forward to TLC.  Whether it is just a wish to cling to the cliche that the night is darkest just before the dawn or pure bloody stubbornness, I think it will be a decent event.  I really hope they prove me right.

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