The Ramblings About List Of Things That Should Be On a List, But A Good List, Not A Bad One

Queen. Credit: ChocoPro

It’s PWI500 time which means that for a few excruciatingly long days everyone is going to be talking about a list of wrestlers that means fuck all and tends to ignore the existence of things like women. With that in mind, I decided that maybe it was time to release the Ramblings About List Of Things That Should Be On a List, But A Good List, Not A Bad List. Alright, it’s not my catchiest title, but I think it works.

DDT’s Sword

It was a sword. Credit: DDT

Does everyone remember that blessed period where members of the DDT roster were fighting over a sword? It gave us such beautiful moments as Charisma with a sword, Endo with a sword and Higuchi with a sword. More wrestlers need to fight over swords.

Tokiko Kirihara

There might be a smidge of recency bias to this one. Still, on her recent ChocoTalk, Otoki revealed that not only did she decide to become a wrestler in her 40s, but her life has involved periods where she did MMA, scuba diving, belly dancing, judo and was heavily involved in the Tokyo indie/punk scene. I’ve concluded that she is cooler than all of us.


In fact, let’s just throw all the ChocoTalks in there. Emi Sakura is sneakily turning into a cracking interviewer as these talks have a tendency to unveil some brilliant stories while showing a new side to both those involved and Sakura herself. Watch them!

Ice Ribbon’s Ueno Park Shows

The best time.

I recently spent a Friday night drinking beer, eating pizza and watching the version of these shows that Ice Ribbon aired on niconico. It’s safe to say I had the best time (you can read my live Tweeted thoughts here, although it mainly turned into GIFs of Tequila Saya who was the only person having a better time than me). Serious wrestling is very good, but what’s also good is wrestling that is basically an excuse for a bunch of friends to goof around and do stupid shit.


If she didn’t exist someone would have to invent her. Credit: Gakenofuchi

If I had my way, we would hand wrestling over to Miyacoco and let her do what she wants with it.


I mean, come on. Credit: DDT

Having been grappling with it for a while, this is the year where I came to the conclusion that my sexuality is Eruption. Not sure how I’m going to explain that one to my grandparents, but I reckon I’ll figure it out.


Perfect spot for a nap. Credit: TJPW

The joshi idol who loves trains. How could you not love Raku? The knowledge that she is out there, living her life, makes me happy.


A lot to talk about. Credit: Assemble

Loads of joshi promotions on the same show and a name that opens itself up to a plethora of Avengers gags? Sign me up.

Wrestlers Getting Emotional

I cry at everything. That sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s really not. If I get through a day without crying, it’s a minor miracle. Things I have cried at range from the Hannah Montana Movie to podcasts about Maki Itoh to thoughts on my own mortality. Today alone, I can count two occasions when I have shed some tears, and I’m probably missing at least one. It’s twenty past eleven in the morning.

Therefore, I also enjoy it when wrestlers cry. Not in a harsh way, I don’t wish to see them all in pain, but in a way where everything just gets a bit too much and the emotion overwhelms them. From Sayaka Obihiro’s defiance at the end of her battle with Emi Sakura on Sakura’s 25th Anniversary to Nanae Takahashi shedding a few quick tears at the end of SEAd’s 5th birthday bash, it never fails to set me off. Let’s make all the wrestlers cry.

Miu Watanabe’s Art

Genius. Credit: Miu Watanabe

A hundred years from now, critics will be baffled that when Miu posted her art online there were people who saw it as a joke. If Watanabe wants to make millions of pounds she better start selling prints of these things because I want a full set for every room in my flat. I will sneak into my flatmate’s bedroom and hang them up in there while she’s out (if she reads this, I am not going to do that). Give us more!

Emi Sakura

The best. Credit: ChocoPro

Emi recently celebrated her 25th anniversary as a wrestler and is still a mind that pushes the business forward in ways that it often doesn’t deserve. Thank fuck for Emi Sakura.

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