Summerslam Preview

For the first time in a long time, WWE seem to have decided to make Summerslam a big deal.  Always seen by the fans as one of the bigger events.  Recent years have failed to live up to those expectations.  There have been some big moments, Lesnar demolishing Cena for example, but the event has always felt a few notches below Wrestlemania.  This year it feels different.  Not only has the show been expanded to four hours, but we have a huge main event and the kind of celebrity participation that is usually reserved for the biggest show of the year.  Summerslam feels like a big deal and what goes down this Sunday, could well shape the WWE all the way up to Wrestlemania.

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Battleground is very much a B + PPV.  Coming just ahead of Summerslam, it is one of those classic middle of the road WWE shows, which is more likely to set up Summerslam than do anything spectacular itself.  However, with rumours swirling last week about who might show their face.  Battleground suddenly became a lot more interesting to a lot more people.  So let’s have a look and see exactly what went down.  Unsurprisingly, this will contain spoilers.

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So Wrestlemania has again crept up on us and this Sunday the Showcase of the Immortals will once again beam around the world.  Sadly, the build up has been patchy at best.  While at other times it has been R-Truth stealing the Intercontinental Championship (seriously, how insane would you have thought I was if I had suggested R Truth was going to be part of the ‘Mania card six months ago?).  Despite this, I can’t help but be excited by the WWE’s Super Bowl.  Despite creative consistently shooting its performers in the foot.  I reckon the WWE will pull this off.  Why?  Well let me tell you.

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Wrestlemania 30 – Predictions

Obviously an old one

So it is Wrestlemania Sunday and I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to watch it tonight, I have to get up early tomorrow and being in the UK staying up to watch it means being up till around 4 am.  Whatever I end up doing it doesn’t prevent me having an opinion on the show, so I present to you now my predictions for just what is going to happen at the Super Bowl of wrestling.

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