So Wrestlemania has again crept up on us and this Sunday the Showcase of the Immortals will once again beam around the world.  Sadly, the build up has been patchy at best.  While at other times it has been R-Truth stealing the Intercontinental Championship (seriously, how insane would you have thought I was if I had suggested R Truth was going to be part of the ‘Mania card six months ago?).  Despite this, I can’t help but be excited by the WWE’s Super Bowl.  Despite creative consistently shooting its performers in the foot.  I reckon the WWE will pull this off.  Why?  Well let me tell you.

Firstly, the WWE actually has a bloody brilliant roster at this point in time.  Gone are the days of a bunch of muscle-bound freaks who couldn’t wrestle a match if it danced around in front of them.  Now we have a world where the wrestlers WWE has at their disposal can downright go.  The flip side of that is, most of the best ones are in one match.  WWE has loaded up their Intercontinental ladder match with the best talent they have.  This is both a good thing and a bad thing.  On one hand, Bryan, Ziggler, Ambrose and co with a bunch of ladders could well be match of the year potential.  On the other hand, most of these guys deserve better than a lazy multi-man match.  Despite that complaint, I have no doubt this mayhem will steal the show and continue to prove that WWE needs to give these guys the ball and let them run with it.

Another young talent just begging for a Wrestlemania break out moment is Seth Rollins, who is probably the best heel in the company not named Paul Heyman.  Rollins has been on a role since the day he debuted in the WWE and despite the stop start nature of the build up to his match with Randy Orton, I have every faith in these two putting on an instant classic.  Randy seems motivated in his new face role and Rollins is just damn good.  This match promises to be the sleeper hit on the card and it hopefully leads to Rollins taking that next step up the ladder.

Those two matches will steal the show when it comes to high paced wrestling action, however, that doesn’t stop me being equally as excited for Bray Wyatt vs Undertaker and Triple H vs Sting.  Neither of these matches are likely to be five-star classics.  The age and physical well-being of several of their talents prevents that.  However, they are four men who know how to tell a story and the story these matches tell, could well be the most interesting one coming out of ‘Mania.  Does Sting come into WWE and win his first ever match on the biggest stage of them all?  Will the Undertaker bounce back from his defeat to Brock Lesnar against the young pretender Wyatt?  I genuinely don’t know the answers to these questions, but I really want to find out.

Then there is the main event.  The heir apparent, Roman Reigns, against the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar.  The build up to this one has actually been pretty good, but only because of Paul Heyman.  In fact, you’ve got to think WWE should just let Heyman promote the whole card.  Even better let him book the damn thing.  But sorry, I digress.  This is another match that is unlikely to be a classic, but is guaranteed to be entertaining.  Brock Lesnar destroying things and people is one of the best things in the world.  I reckon I could watch him in a junkyard with a sledgehammer for a couple of days straight.  He’s just that good.  Reigns meanwhile has unintentionally become a fascinating story coming into ‘Mania.  Does the WWE follow-up on their determination to make him the top guy?  Or do they bow to fan pressure and let Lesnar kill?  Again I really don’t know and I really want to find out.

That’s not even the whole card and I already feel there is more than enough to get your teeth into.  Elsewhere, Rocky and Ivan Drago will fight for American pride.  Oh wait sorry, John Cena and Rusev will do so.  Basically the same thing.  While basically anyone could win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and I have full faith in Tyson Kidd and Cesaro making the kick off show tag match more than entertaining.  My final hope is WWE do the right thing and give AJ and Paige vs the Bella twins the time to shine.  AJ and Paige are more than capable of putting on a great match and to give the Bella’s their credit they improve every time I see them.  If given even ten minutes, they will prove that Divas deserve a chance.

All of this is just what is advertised for ‘Mania and it has already got me excited.  There is no doubt there will at least be a couple of surprises on the night itself and I have full faith in WWE’s ability to wrestle back some good will through this show.  The company may be heading in the all wrong directions, at least from my point of view, but Wrestlemania will always be Wrestlemania and I personally can’t wait to get caught up in all the madness once again.

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