Feed the Rhino w/ Night Verses and Baby Godzilla at Ivory Blacks, 21/10/2014

Having dropped the best album of their career, Feed the Rhino made the decision to hold off on starting their UK tour.  Instead, they waited a few months before rolling into Glasgow with their electrifying live show.

Kicking things off are Baby Godzilla and to be honest there isn’t much I can say about them that hasn’t been said before.  Forgoing the stage for the audience, the bar and pretty much anything else they can climb or hang from, this band never fail to amaze in the live environment.  What’s gratifying about tonight, is I think it’s the most I’ve seen them manage to get an audience involved, apart from just shocking them.  As they end up dragging various parts of the stage into the crowd, it feels like they are starting to make the step up from being a thrilling live act, into an all-round great band.

Up next are Night Verses, who are much slicker proposition.  Their melodic hardcore obviously ticks the right boxes for a large group of people in attendance and you can see why.  They already feel like the finished product and as they go make their way through a set of big songs, with even bigger choruses, it is easy to imagine this band making the step up in the next few years.

Feed the Rhino feel like they are right on the edge of making that step and nights like tonight will do them no harm.  Even if Ivory Blacks isn’t quite sold out – hardcore bands really do seem to struggle in Glasgow – it doesn’t stop them putting on a live show that very few bands can beat.  Lee Tobin is everything you want in a frontman and within seconds of opener, “Behind the Pride”, he is standing on the barrier and has the crowd in the palm of his hand.

It’s no secret that FTR have always been a great live band, but where the difference now comes, is they have an hour long set that matches their energy. New tracks like “Finish the Game” stand side by side with classics like “Tides” and it is interesting to see it is now the songs from The Burning Sons and The Sorrow the Sound that get the biggest reactions, rather than old favourites like “Mr Red Eye”.

A thunderous “Flood the System” finishes things off and even if tonight wasn’t sold out this, still feels like a triumph for Feed the Rhino.  With bands like Letlive making the step up, with their own unique twist on hardcore, it feels like these guys are just behind them.  They are not afraid to do their own thing and it is paying off for them time after time, while their live shows are quite frankly some of the best in the world.  If you haven’t yet jumped on this particular train, I suggest you do soon, or it may well leave you behind.

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