Sisters (2015)


Going up against Star Wars is a pretty brave move and even if Sisters is opening several days before its rather larger competition, it is probably a safe bet to say it is a fight it is unlikely to win.  However, the inevitable box office defeat to that particular behemoth doesn’t necessarily spell doom for the first film to feature both Amy Poehler and Tina Fey in seven years.

And it’s that twosome who make this film.  Playing the titular sisters, Maura (Poehler) the sensible one and Kate (Fey) the crazy one, they return to their childhood home, which their parents are planning on selling.  In an attempt to say goodbye to the place they grew up, they organise one final party and chaos is unleashed.  While said party is a lot of fun, the film’s best moments are when Poehler and Fey are on screen together.  Their comic chemistry is obvious and they bounce off of each other wonderfully.  You could happily sit back and watch the two of them drink wine and chat for the film’s entire runtime.

But that’s not what happens and, instead, their party takes flight.  The films makes no attempt to alter the ages of its protagonists and instead draws on a rich comic seam of bringing together people who stopped partying a long time ago.  Even John Cena manages to shine with his brief appearance, making it two comedy films this year where he has actually proven he might be capable of acting.


Of course, he’s not alone and Fey and Poehler are backed up by a host of great comic actors.  From Maya Rudolph to John Leguizamo, this film is packed with funny people and they all get their moments to shine.  Which may also be one of its downfalls.  It is quite frankly, just a bit too long and the extended party sequence does begin to drag after a while.  There are only too many scenes of middle-aged folk getting drunk and stupid that you can watch before they begin to lose their charm.

Despite that, Sisters is a success.  It does frat boy comedy but does it smarter and better than 90% of these films.  It may not win the battle against Star Wars but it is a film that should find its audience and they’ll get a lot of joy out of it.

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