It’s No Longer Vader Time

The internet wrestling community has been split over the last few days as to whether the incredible match between Ricochet and Will Osperay during the Best of the Super Junior Tournament out in Japan was ‘wrestling’ or ‘gymnastics’. All of this came about after a comment from the man they call Vader.

As I might have made clear from my use of the word incredible, I think Vader is talking out of his arse. The sequence that he particularly picked on was an amazing bit of wrestling. However, apparently because they finished side by side it ruined the business. Let’s ignore the fact that that completely ignores the hard-hitting, submission based match that these two astonishing high flyers put on around that spot, and look at what Vader said.

Wrestlers need to appear to be going for the win is the gist of it. Anything else doesn’t make sense. While the man obviously had a hell of a lot more experience than me – and I seriously don’t mean to diminish that, I am a fan of his – that comment suggests that he doesn’t pay that much attention to wrestling.

Because wrestling is full of moments that don’t make any sense. In fact, did Vader taking the risk of doing a moonsault ever really help him go for the win? Surely he could have just leapt off the ropes and squashed his opponent without bothering to backflip beforehand? A move that let’s not forget would have been frowned upon by the generation before Vader came on the scene.

Which sums it up, Dave Meltzer tweeted yesterday that once upon a time there were those that thought Flair and Steamboat had too many spots. Ricochet himself spoke about the art of wrestling and different talent providing different entertainment, while William Regal was his usual eloquent self when pointing out that this stuff has been happening for years. Wrestling changes and Ricochet and Will Osperay are two of the best in the world now. Do I sometimes want to watch two guys go out there and beat the crap out of each other Vader style? Sure. But there are other times when feats of athletic amazement are all I need. And quite frankly if you can’t enjoy those two men wrestling, then it is you who I feel sorry for.

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