Big Cass

Enzo and Cass’s introduction to the main roster of WWE didn’t go quite to plan. Their first big match – at WWE Payback – ended abruptly when Enzo was knocked out. However, out of Enzo’s plight an opportunity was born and the mouthy one’s partner was given a chance to show what he could do.

Now there is a very obvious upside to Big Cass. Mainly he has more upside than pretty much anyone on the roster. The bloke is huge and ‘New Era’ or not we all know that Vince McMahon loves a big man. Cass is classic WWE and that alone would have meant people were keeping an eye on him.

Yet Cass has always been overshadowed by his shorter partner and not necessarily because of a lack of talent. While the big man is hardly Bret Hart, he is the more accomplished wrestler in the team. Enzo is great at getting the crap beaten out of him but beyond that – at his own admission – he doesn’t have much in the ring. Cass meanwhile has an explosive strength that is fun to watch.

No, Cass was overshadowed because next to Enzo he always came across as the muscle and not the brains. He is a quieter man and was happy to sit back and deliver his catchphrases on demand. All of that has changed in the last few weeks, though. Cass has proven himself to not just be a powerhouse in the ring, but a talent on the microphone as well.

Take the opening of Raw this week. Rather than Enzo coming out and running down The New Day WWE made the decision to let Cass control the opening segment. It was him setting up Enzo for the easy finish on their joke. This is smart in several ways. On one hand, it allows Cass to continue to grow that confidence while being in the ring with an accomplished trio who could help him if got a bit lost. On the other, it holds off on the Enzo Woods showdown that WWE is obviously aware everyone wants to see. It’s a brilliant way to grow the character while at the same time give the fans what they want.

That doesn’t mean this situation is perfect. WWE is obviously high on Cass, and they have to avoid the temptation to move him away from Enzo. Cass has a lot going for him, but if left in the wilds of WWE by himself he will fail. While he is improving in the ring and on the mic, he is not good enough on either of them to go it alone. Enzo and Cass currently hide each other’s weaknesses, and that’s what a lot of the best tag teams do.

Cass was given a shot when Enzo went down injured. He had a chance to prove himself as more than the muscle of their team, and he took it – which is great to see. However, just because someone has run to the shop and back doesn’t mean it is time to throw them into a marathon. Enzo and Cass have both got a long way to go, and they will do a lot better hitting those spots as a team than they would as individuals.

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