Discovery Wrestling Uncivil War Review

Credit: Discovery Wrestling

Discovery Wrestling didn’t have the easiest of times coming into Uncivil War. British Strong Style were all set to be the poster boys for this show but WWE came calling, and they had to go. Despite that, the company rallied and managed to put together a damn strong line-up for a Sunday night of wrestling at the Jam House. Let’s dish out some stars.

Sammii Jayne defeated Lucy Cole, Session Moth Martina and Ayesha Raymond to become the first Discovery Women’s Champion

Before the wrestling kicked off, we were informed that this was a family show and that we were to keep the chants PG. Considering they then sent Martina to the ring I’m not entirely sure that they thought that through. It took all of five minutes for her to pull off a four-person Flap Trap (the ref got involved) and I’m sure at least one child asked their parents a question they didn’t want to answer.

Not that anyone in attendance was openly complaining and Martina was the fan favourite in a fun match. The only problem being that it felt like with five more minutes it could have been a great one. All the women got a chance to do their thing, and they were doing an excellent job of keeping away from the two women sell while two fight formula. However, things just seemed to be heated up when Sammii Jayne picked up the victory from a slightly scary top rope frankensteiner followed by her finisher.

We were still left with a solid showing, it was just a bit disappointing to think that it could have been even better.

Verdict: Three Stars

Christopher Saynt defeated Lou King Sharp

This was supposed to be Saynt vs Michael Chase. However, The House Of Saynt injured him so severely before the show that he got a WWE tryout.

Luckily, his best friend Lou King Sharp stepped up. Before we started, Saynt cut a heel promo that mainly revolved around insulting the appearance of a member of the crowd. I know that’s cheap heat 101 yet it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. If you are a heel because you call someone fat, I tend to think you’re probably not a very good heel.

This was more of an angle than a match. Sharp came in hot, and there was an amusing moment when everyone (including the ref) ate a low blow. That didn’t last long, and Saynt quickly took over and proceeded to murder Lou. He hit him with multiple finishers to pick up a dominant victory.

Verdict: Two Stars

Josh Terry defeated Lucha DS and Delsin Dayre

Delsin Dayre goes by the nickname The Cure. Unfortunately for him, the font on his attire makes it look like The Cube which a lot of people had fun with.

I’d never seen any of these men wrestle before and they all impressed. Terry and Lucha did some flippy stuff with Terry, in particular, looking sharp. When they kicked off, I thought Dayre came off as a bit green, but he seemed to grow in confidence as they went on. With every spot that came off he got a little bit better, and by the end, he was right there alongside his faster opponents.

The finish saw Terry pick up the victory on what I believe was his Discovery debut. On this showing, I’m sure he’ll be invited back.

Verdict: Three Stars

Aspen Faith defeated Rampage Brown in the Hotter Than Hell Invitational Final

I’m always going to enjoy Rampage Brown because he comes out to Hatebreed and you can’t beat that. Plus, he excels at chucking folk about, and for all that I love intricate wrestling, a big bastard beating people up is always fun.

Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t just going up against Aspen Faith. His Kings of Catch partner Lewis Girvan was prowling around the ring. It meant that no matter how big Rampage was, every time he turned his back there was another attack waiting for him.

The Kings of Catch get better every time I see them, and they have bright futures if they keep it up. The fact Discovery gave Faith the win here (and the future title shot that comes along with it) at least suggests they have faith in his abilities.

Verdict: Three Stars

El Ligero defeated Lewis Girvan

Any worries that this was going to be a carbon copy of the last match with Kings of Catch shenanigans were thrown out the window when Faith was thrown to the back. He’d eventually reappear, but it meant we got an extended section between Ligero and Girvan and it was enthusiastically received.

This was my first time seeing Ligero in the flesh, and it still astounds me how much personality he can exude through that mask. His body language is perfect, and it helps that he’s damn exciting to watch. Girvan, meanwhile, is in many ways an ideal opponent for him. The cowardly heel who can go when he needs to.

Despite Faith making his way back out Ligero picked up the win to leave the fans happy. Post-match, Girvan got on the mic and cut a seemingly out of character promo thanking everyone for their support of Discovery. It suggested that if they ever want to pull a face turn with him, it would be an easy switch to make.

Verdict: Three Stars

The Buffet Club (Gene Munny and Rob Cage) defeated Dave Conrad and Deviation, Kid Fite and Kreiger and The NAK (BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew) in an Elimination Match to crown Discovery’s 2017 Tag Team Champions

It’s enjoyable watching the likes of Kid Fite, BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew work in more relaxed confines. Before the match, Fite explained that Discovery is the only place where he’s treated as a face and got everyone to go crazy for him and Kreiger’s entrance so he could show his mum. It was a fun moment that got the crowd hyped up for real.

Not that they would have needed it for this slab of chaos. Renfrew and Gunn might have been having a bit more fun than they do in other companies but it didn’t stop them chopping the shit out of everyone who got in their way. Renfrew seemed to be intent on imprinting his handprint on everyone in the ring.

We got a bit of storyline stuff as Conrad and Deviation fell out mid-match leading to their elimination. That was the exception rather than the rule and, on the whole, this was a good old-fashioned brawl. Buffet Club picked up the win with a roll-up and a handful of tights. However, they still ate the NAK’s finishers, and it was clear that at least for this crowd Gunn and Renfrew are their tag team of the year.

Verdict: Three And A Half Stars

Joe Coffey defeated Matt Riddle to retain the Y Championship

Matt Riddle has become too normal. We all just accept how good he is now. It is unnatural how quickly that guy has picked up wrestling and until he is a ten-year veteran I am not going to stop talking about it.

In this match, he reminded me how much I enjoy Joe Coffey. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him be great, but in there with someone like Riddle, he raised his game. They chopped (and in Riddle’s case kicked) the shit out of each other, and by the end of it, both of their chests were lit up like a traffic light. Every time you thought they’d gone far enough, they dished out some more, and this was closer to war than it was a wrestling match.

It was a perfect example of certain people getting the best out of each other. Joe’s bruiser style is a fantastic companion to Riddle’s combination of strikes and big moves, and the suplexes were soon flying alongside the wince-inducing hits. This wasn’t just a good main event for a small indie promotion, it would be good for any company in the world.

Verdict: Four Stars

Overall Show

This was one hell of a showing from Discovery Wrestling. I’ve vowed to make myself a regular at their shows next year and if they keep this up that will be no problem at all. Not only did the import come in and impress but everyone from the bottom of the card to the top had their working boots on, and they quickly rose above the lack of BSS. A very enjoyable Sunday night at the graps was had by all.

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