Discovery Wrestling Disco Derby Review

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It’s Rumble season. Credit: Discovery

First up, I apologise for this review being a bit late. Quite frankly there is too much fucking wrestling. I’m not really complaining, I quite like wrestling, but the Disco Derby was behind a few more prominent shows in the queue.

Discovery’s first event of the New Year saw them pull the old indie trick of putting on their own Rumble. While it might not have gone to plan (more on that later), this was a solid card with the potential for some great action. Let’s dish out some stars.

BT Gunn defeated Chris Ridgeway

Let’s not beat around the bush. Going into this, we all wanted one thing. These two men to stiff the fuck out of each other. We wanted to see their chests light up from the combination of kicks and chops. Thankfully, they delivered.

BT Gunn is Scottish wrestling’s Mr Dependable. He rarely delivers anything below good and when he’s in the ring with someone as talented as Ridgeway you’re probably going to get great. You could see these two pushing each other. Raising the bar as they got deeper and deeper into the match.

In the end, the more experienced BT would get the win but not before Ridgeway made his mark. You won’t find many wrestlers better suited to each other than these two and I would not be sad if we saw it again.

Verdict: Three And A Half Stars

Andy Wild won the Disco Derby

Ugh, look I don’t want to be a dick, however, this was the dregs of British indie wrestling battling it out in one match. It might not surprise you to hear that the likes of Shady Nattrass and Jonathan Richards didn’t come out to huge pops.

And, while they might all be passable wrestlers, they didn’t get the chance to show it here. It was dull, plodding and poorly booked. At one point Kuma (a bloke who makes Viscera look small) came out, eliminated everyone and then wandered to the back. He was never put over the top rope (I can’t imagine he could have gone over it anyway) and apparently decided he just didn’t want to be part of Discovery. Way to sell your own brand.

None of that was the worst part, though. The worst part was when Bram’s music hit. I’d missed the fact Discovery had announced him on the day of the show so when that cunt walked out my stomach dropped. To see someone who sums up the very worst of the wrestling business booked by a company that I am very fond of was genuinely upsetting. You can’t call yourself family friendly and book the pricks who made jokes about domestic abuse allegations levelled at him.

Bram didn’t win, so hopefully, this was a one and done for Discovery. I’m pleased that Wild is getting a shot, I just wish they’d found a more enjoyable way to reach that outcome.

Verdict: Fuck Bram

The Kings of Catch (Lewis Girvan and Aspen Faith) defeated Chris Brookes and Omari w/ Kid Lykos

Discovery is going all out on pushing The Kings of Catch as they put them over a string of internationally renowned tag teams. The latest group to fall was initially meant to be CCK until Lykos’s injury meant it was altered to Brookes and Omari. Although the wee wolf was on the outside causing trouble, the scamp.

This was good, not great but good. Brookes and Omari were very much there to dish out the greatest hits, and that’s precisely what the fans wanted. It was the CCK experience. Even without Lykos joining in on all the fun, it was enjoyable as hell.

In saying that, Omari wasn’t overshadowed by the act he’d joined. In fact, he stood out in all the right ways. He’s not a guy I’ve seen a lot of in the past and I’ll be making sure to check him out in the future.

As for Kings of Catch, they continue to keep up with the tag teams that Discovery present to them. They never look out of place in these big-time match-ups and if anything they seem to be getting better. I still think they lack the extra gear to turn these into true classics. Hopefully, that will come with time.

Verdict: Three Stars

Sammi Jayne defeated Little Miss Roxy to retain the Discovery Women’s Title

Talking about people who keep getting better, Sammi Jayne has become the highlight of most Discovery shows. I feel like I say this every time but her gradual improvement from green rookie to accomplished wrestler has been a pleasure to watch.

In this one, it was Little Miss Roxy who stepped up to challenge. She’s another wrestler I have never seen before, and she came in as the arrogant heel looking to undercut the champ. She pulled it off nicely. It was never in doubt that she was going to lose, so she just needed to do her best to be memorable. Which is exactly what she was.

The real story continues to be Jayne, however. I’m not entirely sure whether Discovery knows what they have with her. With her gaining traction elsewhere in the UK they better figure it out or they might just lose her to some bigger fish.

Verdict: Three Stars

Joe Coffey defeated Zack Sabre Jr to retain the Y Division Title

Another month, another fantastic challenger to Joe Coffey’s reign. Discovery is building this company around him, and they want him to look good.

And if you want someone to look good, you can’t pick many better people to do it than Zack Sabre Jr. This was a Sabre classic, his technical skill against Coffey’s brute strength. There’s a reason it’s a classic too because few people do this match style better than ZSJ.

Because while Coffey was trying to decapitate him with one of those stiff lariats, Zack was always there lying in wait. Waiting for the opportunity to grab an arm and twist it. However, that’s not the only arrow to his quiver. He can smack it out with the best of him and he gave Coffey a taste of his own medicine at times.

One of my favourite things about Zack is that when he’s in there trading strikes with someone like Coffey, he bumps his ass off. He doesn’t take those chops and elbows and stand tall. He hits the matt and bounces around. That size difference plays into the construction of his matches. It’s the kind of intelligent wrestling that is too often forgotten.

Of course, eventually, Coffey once again got the win and put down the latest challenge presented by the bosses at Disco. They are giving him everything at the moment and when they eventually send someone out there to dethrone him, it will be a big deal.

Verdict: Three And A Half Stars

Overall Show

I was put off this show by the appearance of the prat in a kilt (I really wish the cunt would stop wearing that). However, that shouldn’t take away from the hard work of everyone else. The Disco Derby was a disaster but the rest of the card was great, and if Discovery can stay away from pricks they will continue to be a fantastic company.

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