RevPro Live at the Cockpit 28 (1/4/18) Review

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That looks like fun. Credit: RevPro

Another out of date review, although it’s not quite as bad as the last RevPro show I did. At least it took place at the start of this month rather than at the beginning of last. Either way, we’re slowly catching up, and as we do, these become more relevant.

Dan Magee defeated Zack Gibson

Beforehand, Gibson cut a pretty standard Gibson promo and got frustrated when the fans began to chant along with him. It was all the more fitting as he was accusing Dan Magee of not evolving.

They started off slowly, with Zack continually offering Magee a handshake and Dan being smart enough to say no thanks. Eventually, Magee came out on top in some chain wrestling and proffered his hand to Gibson. Zack was a bit less polite about the whole thing and responded with a slap. That was the moment that things picked up.

Liverpool’s Number One went to work on the arm of Magee, looking to set up the Shankly’s Gate. Magee, meanwhile, worked well from underneath, selling the damage and fighting back with fire. He’d end up escaping multiple Gate attempts and getting Gibson on to the top rope. He’d hook his leg as they came down from a Superplex leaving himself perched up there and in the perfect place to hit a Moonsault for the win.

It was rightly sold as an upset as Magee picks up the biggest win of his career and put on a well-rounded performance against the always reliable Gibson. I’m excited to see where this goes next.

Verdict: Three And A Quarter Stars

Legion Of Lords (Rishi Ghosh and Los Federales Santos Jr) defeated Sex On The Beach (Chuck Mambo and Jack Sexsmith)

I’m going to stun you all by telling you that a few people weren’t taking this seriously. The early goings saw Santos pull out of his ‘gun’ (his fingers) to ‘shoot’ one of Mambo’s beach ball. Sexsmith responded by threatening to pull out his which would have been a lot less PG.

As Chuck mourned the loss of his brightly coloured pal, the Lords took control, attacking from behind. For all their antics, they’re a good team. They dominated most of the action with their chemistry already shining through. I’m sticking by my prediction that there is a big babyface run somewhere in their future.

We got an enjoyable Sexsmith hot tag before he and Mambo combined to suplex Santos. They made the mistake of trying to follow-up with a second and the big man managed to take them both over for one of his own. He put the exclamation on it with a Big Splash before tagging in an unconscious Ghosh and dragging him over to make the cover.  That’s what friends are for.

Another enjoyable match. If you desire your wrestling to be 100% serious 100% of the time, then you probably won’t enjoy it. However, I can’t imagine you’d even bother watching it if that was the case.

Verdict: Three Stars

Bobbi Tyler defeated Killer Kelly

Killer Kelly is great. The arrogant way that she started off was perfect, faking out on several punches and laughing to herself as Tyler flinched. Then, when Tyler dared to do the same back to her, she snapped and delivered one of the blows she’d been threatening.

From there, Kelly dominated the action. Tyler is green (which considering she’s 21 is no real insult) and was occasionally sloppy. She’s bendy, though, as Kelly locked in a Dragon Sleeper and then hooked her legs in a surfboard at the same time. Sadly, the sloppiness did hurt them, particularly on a Wheelbarrow Suplex from Kelly which looked rough.

Despite Kelly’s Killer domination, it would be Bobbi that took the win, stealing it with a roll-up. It was presented as a shock, and with the potential these two showed, let’s hope it leads to a rematch somewhere down the line.

Verdict: Three Stars

Afterwards, Jinny attacked because RevPro can’t have a women’s segment without her. Look, I like Jinny, I think she’s great. I also believe that you need more than one women to create a division.

She laid out Tyler and then dodged a Kelly attack to put her down too. It felt like she came out just to remind everyone that while these two are good, she’s better. Thankfully, Killer Kelly popped back-up and told Jinny that next time she won’t miss. At least it wasn’t a complete annihilation

Adam Brooks and Sean Kustom defeated Team White Wolf (A-Kid and Adam Chase)

Kustom and Brooks deserve credit for the way they bullied Team White Wolf. They even went full playground as Kustom delivered a superkick while Brooks bent down behind the receiver. It’s the kind of heel work that doesn’t get much attention but makes all the difference. Despite that, I still feel like we know nothing about the pairing. All the focus is on Brooks with the assumption being that Kustom is along for the ride.

On the other side of the ring, Team White Wolf shine on every opportunity they get. If Brooks and Kustom are easy to hate, then they are easy to love. That combination of their fast-paced offence and fantastic selling will get everyone onside. While A-Kid’s hot tags are quickly becoming a personal favourite. A highlight saw A-Kid breaking up a pin by cross bodying Kustom onto it.

Sadly, towards the end, A-Kid did have a couple of botches, slipping from the top rope twice in a row while going for an elbow drop. You could only feel sorry for him as a show-stealing performance ended on a down note. Still, another excellent showing from them and a momentum-building win for Brooks.

Verdict: Three And Three Quarter Stars

TK Cooper defeated Flash Morgan Webster

On his return from injury, this was all about introducing TK Cooper and his heelish persona to the RevPro crowd. He’s only appeared once before in a victorious effort against Eddie Dennis, so he’s set himself up with a nice little winning streak here.

Cooper was heeling it up right from the start, refusing Flash’s handshake and then bringing the chain wrestling to an end with some stiff strikes. They put together a fairly standard match with Flash trying to speed things up and Cooper continually bringing him back to earth. He hit a massive headbutt at one point while he has a lovely spear.

In the end, he picked up the win with Rihanna and while there wasn’t enough going on here for this to go down as a classic, it was the perfect way to reintroduce him to Revolution Pro.

Verdict: Three And A Half Stars

Kurtis Chapman and Wild Boar defeated The Legion of Lords (Lord Gideon Grey and No Fun Dunne)

I love Wild Boar. He’s a wrecking ball and his early domination of Dunne was brilliant. There is something to be said for someone who picks folk up and throws them across the ring. It doesn’t need to be smart or intricate, it just needs to look painful, and that is what Boar does.

Elsewhere, Kurtis Chapman’s running feud with Gideon Grey continued. Grey spent a lot of time deliberately avoiding being tagged in. However, his determination to try and one-up Chapman would prove to be his downfall. With Dunne looking to have the victory sewn up, Grey demanded to be tagged in and walked into the Chapman Clutch and with it a defeat.

This was more of the same from everyone involved. Chapman continues to steal wins, Boar looks like a beast and the Legion of Lords are the Legion of Lords. It was what it was.

Verdict: Three And A Quarter Stars

El Phantasmo defeated Joey Janela

In something I didn’t expect to be writing, this one started off quite slowly. I would have wondered whether Joey was calming down if I hadn’t watch Spring Break recently.

Thankfully, it didn’t take too long for the nuttiness to start. The chops were flying, and by the time we got to the closing stretch, there was a no-sell of a Canadian Destroyer into a no-sell of a piledriver. I know Janela isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love that shit. Wrestling is ridiculous. While I don’t want every match to be constant no-sells of dangerous moves, when it’s used sparingly it is so much fun.

Meanwhile, El Phantasmo continues to shine. The fact he was chosen to face Janela says it all. Main eventing a Cockpit show against the American name suggests that he is here to stay at the top of RevPro’s card. He showed he could do everything Joey could do as well as he won with a Superplex, Burning Hammer, Swanton and Moonsault combo. Sometimes you just need to applaud.

Verdict: Four Stars

Overall Show

After an alright showing in Southampton, this felt like RevPro back at its best. They lacked some of their big names ahead of the New Orleans show (and Dream Tag Team Invitational was going on at the same time), but the likes of Wild Boar, El Phantasmo and Adam Brooks stepped into the gap. There’s a really decent mid-card building in this company so it will be interesting to see how they develop in the months ahead.

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