DDT D-Oh Grand Prix (1/12/19) Review

The big man is on the board. Credit: DDT

As previously mentioned, I won’t be reviewing undercard matches on this tour, but Chris Brookes did win a big old bag of rice, so if that’s your idea of a good time (and why wouldn’t it be?), get on it.

A Block: Yuki Iino (1-2) defeated Tetsuya Endo (0-1-1)

Big boy doing big boy things. Credit: DDT

I’ve complained about Iino not asserting himself on matches, but that was the story they told in this one, and it worked. Endo went out intending to frustrate the big man, slipping in and out of the ring at the beginning before sidestepping his attack and causing him to go crashing through some chairs. Iino couldn’t get a grip on things, as Endo continually found new ways to stay out of his grasp.

Then, Iino showed a bit of savvy himself, as Endo rolled out of the way of his Elbow Drop, but he just popped up and hit it again, coming crashing down on him. From there, he went on a roll, catching a Handspring Back Elbow into a Bubba Bomb and running through his offence to get the win.

This wasn’t a great match, but it told a nice little story and gave Iino the spotlight. I wouldn’t tell anyone to go out of there way to watch it, but you certainly won’t regret any time you give it.

Verdict: Three And A Quarter Stars

B Block: Masato Tanaka (3-0) defeated Bull James (1-2)

That’s one way to do it. Credit: DDT

Tanaka managed to get a better match out of James than anyone else has so far. Notice that none of those words claimed it was great, merely an improvement on the bullshit he’d served up previously.

The key to that was Tanaka being selfish. He wrestled his style and made himself look like a boss, slamming the big man and Powerbombing him out of the corner. The wily old veteran took a lot more of the offence than you’d expect with the size difference being what it is. In doing so, he’s established what should be the blueprint for James’ matches going forward, so it will be interesting to see who follows suit.

Verdict: Three Stars

B Block: Daisuke Sasaki (1-1) defeated Yukio Sakaguchi (1-2)

Sasaki playing silly buggers. Credit: DDT

This match went less than three minutes, had DAMNATION getting involved and ended with a low blow and a flash pin. I don’t think I can call it shite because there wasn’t enough for that, but there’s certainly no real reason to watch it. I guess it won’t take long, does that count as a reason?

Verdict: Two Stars

Overall Show

A bit of a nothing trio of matches, if I’m honest. None of them offended me, but if you’re not bothered about watching the whole thing, you can definitely skip these.

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