Ice Ribbon P’s Party 47 (24/6/20) Review

Tsukushi didn’t get it all her own way. Credit: Ice Ribbon

While I am still lagging woefully behind on real-world Ice Ribbon, this review does catch me up to the shows they’ve put on their niconico channel. So, I think that counts as an achievement, no? Anyway, it’s another party with P, and we all know those are good for a laugh.

Maya Yukihi and Mari Manji defeated Yappy and Akari

AKARI is a Chilean wrestler who, despite working in Pure-J since around April of last year, is a newbie to me. According to Cagematch, she’s been wrestling for ten years although they only have info on her Japanese stuff. Either way, she was light on her feet, showing a bit of a lucha influence, and looked to have a solid technical grounding.

She played her part in a decent if somewhat unremarkable opener. Yukihi took it easy, but I don’t think anyone is going to hold that against her, and Manji did a good job carrying the load. The Pure-J lot are doing their company proud, maybe I need to check them out.

Verdict: Solid

Madeline defeated Nao Ishikawa

In the Ice Ribbon timeline that most people follow (aka the one that isn’t a month old), Nao has picked up an injury, so all the best to her!

Back in June, she had an okay match with Madeline. Honestly, this was one of those moments where you could see how inexperienced they both were, as while they’re undeniably talented, putting them together was perhaps a stretch too far.

It wasn’t a disaster or anything like that, but it lacked flow, feeling stilted and kind of awkward at times. Both have had much better performances elsewhere, so I have no doubt that one day they’ll come together and blow this out the water.

Verdict: Not Their Best

Suzu Suzuki and Haruka Umesaki fought Tsukushi and Crea to a time-limit draw

Haruka does not like Tsukushi as for the second show in a row she slapped her offered handshake away. Of course, Skoosh would get her revenge, ending the first flowing sequence between the two by booting Umesaki in the chest and unleashing her unique brand of goblin torture.

It was the start of a match packed with fun interactions between the two as Haruka attempted to survive the onslaught while getting some digs of her own in. She’s managing to stand out on these shows in all the right ways, as while Crea is clearly already a decent wee wrestler (she got a nice stretch of action with Suzu), it’s Umesaki who is showing all the personality.

It left me wanting more from those two, with the possibility of them going one on one already sounding exciting. As someone coming in from elsewhere and trying to make an impact, I think Haruka Umesaki can mark that as a success.

Verdict: Let Them Fight

Rina Shingaki defeated Thekla

Thekla enjoyed wrestling Rina on the last P’s Party, so much so that she decided she wanted to do it one on one, challenging her to this match.

It was a move the Austrian might have regretted, as this turned into a rough evening for her. After a fairly equal start, Rina started attacking her arm, stretching it at every opportunity. It seemed to give her an out, as every time Thekla looked to be building momentum, she went back to that injury, grabbing at it and pulling her opponent to the ground. She’d done the same thing in the tag and had clearly pinpointed it as a route to victory.

As for Thekla, she sold well for most of the match but did let it go towards the end. Her pulling off the spider walk perfectly was the most egregious example, as it felt like the perfect opportunity to throw in a little bit of clever selling. It would have played nicely into the finish too as Rina wrenched that arm to pull Thekla into a flash pin, grabbing the three just as it looked like things were going south for her.

Despite that, I thought this was a strong main event. Thekla has impressed me for months (to the extent that I should probably stop saying she impresses me because I expect it now) while Rina has looked great on her P’s Party appearances so far. It’s one I would happily watch again.

Verdict: Impressive

Overall Show

Another P’s Party and another incredibly watchable forty-five minutes of wrestling. These shows being entertaining are the easiest bet in wrestling, and so far they haven’t let me down.

Watch Ice Ribbon on niconico:

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