Daniel Bryan

The first time I saw Daniel Bryan wrestle was during his iconic feud with Nigel McGuinness.  I’d heard from the online chit chat that this guy was good, the best in the world according to some, and I was naturally intrigued.  Yet, when Bryan came out, it was a bit underwhelming.  Sure, the fans loved him, but to look at him, it was hard to be impressed.

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The Intercontinental Title: What Comes Next?

So in a horrible case of deja vu, last night saw Daniel Bryan turn up on Raw and hand over his Intercontinental Title because of injury.  Nearly a year on from him doing the exact same thing with the World Title, this somehow feels even worse.  Two major injuries so close together suggest that Bryan’s body might not be able to keep going and you can’t help but worry that his career is drawing to a close.  However, as I am not Bryan’s doctor and even if I was would be completely unqualified to talk about whether his injury was career threatening, that’s not what we will focus on here.  Instead, lets take a look at the IC Title.

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So Wrestlemania has again crept up on us and this Sunday the Showcase of the Immortals will once again beam around the world.  Sadly, the build up has been patchy at best.  While at other times it has been R-Truth stealing the Intercontinental Championship (seriously, how insane would you have thought I was if I had suggested R Truth was going to be part of the ‘Mania card six months ago?).  Despite this, I can’t help but be excited by the WWE’s Super Bowl.  Despite creative consistently shooting its performers in the foot.  I reckon the WWE will pull this off.  Why?  Well let me tell you.

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Daniel Bryan?

Once again WWE has entered Wrestlemania season with a big thorn in their foot.  One, Mr. Daniel Bryan.  Now, as thorns go, he is a pretty good one to have.  One of the best technical wrestlers in the world, who also happens to be one of the most over with the fans, really not too shabby.  However, due to a series of booking mistakes, Bryan once again finds himself in a bit of ‘Mania purgatory.  One second he is set to face Sheamus, the next it’s Dolph Ziggler and at the moment some people are suggesting he might end up in the main event.  All this shifting of plans isn’t helping anyone, least of all the man himself.

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Royal Rumble Review

Last year the WWE had Batista win the Royal Rumble and we saw a crowd turn on the WWE.  A year on and nearly everyone, myself included, thought WWE could not make the same mistake again.  Sometimes, the most obvious story is the best one and last night the most obvious, and best, storyline, was to have Daniel Bryan win the Royal Rumble.  Yet, once again, WWE went with their idea of the perfect superstar and a crowd turned on the product.

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Royal Rumble Predictions

The Royal Rumble is most wrestling fans favourite PPV of the year.  Screw ‘Mania, although we tend to love that too, the Rumble is where it is at.  While we have had disappointing Rumbles over the years, it is fair to say it very rarely fails to deliver at least couple of fun moments and it also sets us on the ‘Road to Wrestlemania’.  We get to know who will be competing for the big one on the ‘Grandest Stage of Them All’.  I can’t think of anymore WWE buzzwords to throw in now, so lets just get onto some of my predictions.

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WWE Payback Review

So last night WWE held Payback and I don’t think it is harsh to say this was a PPV that very much felt like filler.  Despite this, the card actually looked quite strong and I was intrigued enough to check it out.  If you don’t like wrestling I really wouldn’t bother reading any further and if you haven’t figured it out, it will contain spoilers for Payback.

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Wrestlemania 30 – Predictions

Obviously an old one

So it is Wrestlemania Sunday and I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to watch it tonight, I have to get up early tomorrow and being in the UK staying up to watch it means being up till around 4 am.  Whatever I end up doing it doesn’t prevent me having an opinion on the show, so I present to you now my predictions for just what is going to happen at the Super Bowl of wrestling.

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