Stardom Grow Up Stars (9/3/19) Review

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I’m a bit behind on my Stardom reviews thanks to the New Japan Cup. Panic not, though, because I shall eventually catch-up. The road to doing so starts at Shinkiba with a show headlined by Hazuki defending her High Speed title. Let’s have a peek at what went down.

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Stardom World In Nagoya (3/3/19) Review

Stardom ventured to Nagoya where they’d put together a fantastic card for the occasion. Not only did they bless us with Kyona vs Watanabe (a match which has been getting all the hype), but it was backed-up by Artist Of Stardom and SWA Title matches. It’s fun for all the family.

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Stardom Kyoto Max 2019 (2/2/19) Review

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Ah, KBS Hall. Is there a more beautiful location for wrestling? The stunning stained glass window that stands behind the ring always sends a shiver of pleasure down my spine. Judging by the pre-match promos throughout this show, the wrestlers appreciate it too, and it could turn even the dullest of affairs into a spectacle. This won’t be dull, though! It’s Stardom, we love Stardom. The beauty of the venue will only add to the talent in the ring.

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Stardom New Years Stars (2/1/19) Review

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With the dawn of a New Year, I have decided to start watching Stardom. Joshi is a bit of an unknown to me, and this seems as good a place to start as any. I do now need to point out that I am going into these shows with little to no background knowledge, so be nice. My understanding of characters and feuds will grow as we go along, so until then, we can all have some fun with it, can’t we? However, if you are looking for in-depth reviews leave it a couple of months. At the moment, I’m just going to be getting to grips with things.

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