5 Observations From Discovery Wrestling

I’ve always felt bad about not attending Discovery Wrestling shows. As an Edinburgh-based brand they’re my local promotion, and yet ICW got its claws into me first. However, with the announcement that The Elite were going to be gracing their ring it seemed as good a time as any to hit up my first show. And hopefully, kickstart a relationship that will continue on for a while yet. So, here’s five thing we noticed at a sold-out Corn Exchange.

Polo Promotions Are Still Two Of The Best

Opening up a card like this is a tough ask, and while you can question the decision to do it with a Bullet Club rip up off on a card featuring members of the Bullet Club, Buffet Club did a solid job. Their gimmick is indieriffic but it’s good fun, and it gets easy heat. They were also in the ring with Polo Promotions which must make everything easier. Polo Promotions are one of the best tag teams in the country, and they seem incapable of having anything below a three-star match. This was no exception, and it set the crowd up nicely for a solid evening of wrestling.

Hendry And Slater Impress

Joe Hendry’s built up a sizable reputation for himself, a big part of which is because of his amusing songs. That shouldn’t overshadow the fact that he is also a good wrestler and if you want proof of that this match with Liam Slater is a good place to start. Trading holds in front of a crowd that is geared up for a night of fun is always going to be a brave move, but these two told went out and pulled it off. Both men came out of it looking good, and it can safely go down as a job well done.

Some Discovery Talent Suffered

Despite these successes, there is no denying that some Discovery talent suffered at this show. I understand why they didn’t close with the one-two punch of Scurll vs. Ospreay and The Elite but after Scurll and Ospreay had done their thing the crowd noticeably quietened for the two matches before the main event. Michael Chase and Christopher Saynt tried hard in their segment, but people’s minds were wondering while Session Moth Martina and Ayesha Ray struggled in front of a crowd who knew what was coming next. I don’t necessarily think it’s the fault of the wrestlers themselves, but when you’re on a show with some of the best in the world, it’s tough to stand out.

Scurll And Ospreay Do What They Do

Marty Scurll and Will Ospreay have fought all over the place and gosh does it show. The two of them are completely in sync in the ring, and they make trading headlocks exciting. Considering they are both coming off WrestleMania weekend where they worked a fair deal, the effort they put in here was impressive, and if this had been the main event, everyone would have gone home happy. I’d watch Scurll and Ospreay do this shit forever, and I hope that’s an opportunity we’re all going to get.

The Elite Make Wrestling Fun

I know people have issues with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega *cough* Jim Cornette *cough* and their ridiculous approach to wrestling. They think they expose the business blah blah blah. Quite frankly, I don’t think I could be friends with those people. The Elite make wrestling fun, and this match was no different. It would be remiss not to pay tribute to their opponents. Joe Coffey, BT Gunn and Lewis Girvan all did great, and they did a fantastic job of weaving the continuing story between Coffey and Girvan into the match. However, this was all about The Elite, and it was a greatest hits session of their brilliance. There were of course superkicks a plenty (I tried to count but lost track) and the double Meltzer Driver to finish things off was spectacular. But what you really appreciate when seeing them live is just how smooth they are. The Bucks are two halves of the same whole and Omega slots in beautifully to create a Power Rangers like contraption of genius. There’s an effortlessness to the way they do incredible things and seeing it in person highlights that. If you are one of the haters then fair enough, but you’re only hurting yourself.

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