ICW Fight Club 70 Review

Since last year’s Fear & Loathing I’ve fallen out of touch with ICW. I haven’t had the chance to attend any shows and haven’t watched a Fight Club in far too long. Luckily, the internet has kept me informed on all the significant dealings (good and bad), but I’m out of the loop. I reckon it’s time to change that. This year’s F&L is around the corner, and the hype is beginning to build. With Fight Club 70 up on YouTube, it was time to see what was happening in Scotland’s wildest promotion. Let’s dish out those stars.

BT Gunn defeated Jordan Devlin to retain the Zero-G Title

BT Gunn is great. Outside of WCPW, it feels like he’s never broken out of Scotland, and that is baffling. This match was a lovely display of what he brings to the table. We opened up with a roll-up exchange, but as it went on it got stiffer and stiffer as they traded nasty sounding shots in the centre of the ring. Devlin was happy to bring it to Gunn, and that is always going to bring the best out of him.

Talking of Devlin, this was my first time watching him outside of the WWE UK Tournament, and he looked good. Gunn gave him quite a lot as he kicked out of the Gun Shot and Brainbuster combo before coming back with a gorgeous moonsault. Of course, the focus is on BT at the moment, so the result was never really in doubt. Despite that, Devlin did enough here to stand out while making Gunn look good.

Verdict: Three Stars

DCT and Coach defeated Joe Hendry and Leyton Buzzard

This match didn’t get going before Joe Hendry dropped to the outside and changed it to a tag with Leyton Buzzard and Coach. Unsurprisingly, they weren’t the missing ingredients in the recipe for a five-star classic. We got a ‘dropkick’ from Coach, but on the whole, it was pretty bad. DCT eventually got the win with the Figure Four (or Kama Sutra Leg Lock) on Buzzard, and this was definitely a thing.

Verdict: Two Stars

Jody Fleisch defeated Stevie Boy

I talked about BT Gunn not being booked outside of Scotland enough, and the same thing can be said of Stevie Boy. His improvement in the last few years is astounding, and if he wants to wrestle for the other big promotions in the UK, it would be to their benefit to let him.

He was also a perfect opponent for Jody Fleisch. He’s big enough to overpower him but agile enough to bump around and wrestle the match at Jody’s speed. There were some lovely exchanges between the two and this was a fun match to watch. It was a bit of a surprise to see Fleisch pick up the win – especially with him kicking out of the destroyer – however, the post-match shenanigans suggested there is more to come in this story.

Verdict: Three Stars

Wild Boar defeated Mark Coffey

This was what you’d expect it to be. Two big guys dealing out sledgehammers. It was a nice touch having this follow the fast-paced Stevie vs Jody match as the contrast between the two made both of them look better. In a recurring theme in this review, Mark Coffey is another ICW guy who doesn’t get the credit he deserves, at least not as a singles wrestler. If Polo Promotions ever do decide to call it a day, then there is a big run in his future.

A distraction from Mike Bird led to the finish and The Marauders stood tall over Polo Promotions in the post-match brawl thanks to a bit of a helping hand from Iestyn Rees. Good match with some simple but effective story-telling.

Verdict: Three Stars

Kay Lee Ray defeated Kasey to win the ICW Women’s Title

Right, let’s start with the negatives. This match ended in classic overbooked ICW fashion. There were multiple run-ins, various false finishes and Kay Lee Ray picked up the victory due to interference. I understand that this was done to set up the Hydro match, but I’m of the opinion that if you advertise something historic you should let it play out in the ring rather than via shenanigans. On the flipside, this is ICW and we all know how Dallas books this stuff. Complaining is a bit pointless.

Because before we got to that finish, this was a brilliantly violent match. From the moment Kasey hit the Death Valley Driver on the chair on the outside things ramped up to a ferocious level. Kay Lee came back with a Dirty Bomb onto the barrier and chaos reigned supreme as she piled up all manner of contraptions on the outside before hitting the reverse package piledriver on the apron. These were dangerous spots and you couldn’t watch without flinching

When they finally returned to the ring, we also got to see these wrestlers pull it off without all the bells and whistles. That’s no surprise in the case of KLR, she’s been one of the best wrestlers in the country for years and is well deserving of this spot. Kasey was more of a revelation for me as I haven’t seen her in her current incarnation. She seems to have stepped up to the plate and there was no point in this match where she looked out of place in the main event of this show.

All things said this was a fantastic match. I have my issues with the ending, but it is what it is and it shouldn’t negate the work that came before it. You could argue that the ICW women have been worthy of the main event for a long time, and if for some daft reason you thought they still weren’t, then this match should shut you right up.

Verdict: Four Stars


This was a solid show with a great main event. You can tell ICW are on the road to the Hydro as there was a lack of definitive answers. Everything is building to something else. With last year’s Fear & Loathing being a bit of a disappointment from an in-ring standpoint, they seem to be placing the blocks for this year’s being a much better show. Let’s hope that is the case.

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