NJPW World Tag League Night Twelve Review

Ambitious. Credit: NJPW

I just realised that I published these two reviews the wrong way around. Sorry about that folks. I hope your World Tag League experience hasn’t been too severely affected. Let’s dish out some stars.

The Best Friends (Beretta and Chuck Taylor) (8) defeated David Finlay and Kitamura (0)

A brave move. Credit: NJPW

The upside of the relatively quiet World Tag League crowds is that you can hear everything Best Friends say in the ring. They are funny guys and their interactions with Kitamura (who seemed to want to eat them) were great. You get the feeling that in the midst of a long tour they’re doing it as much to entertain themselves as they are anyone else.

Kitamura’s attempts to have a munch became the story of this match. Best Friends spent the early portion of it isolating Finlay and doing everything they could to wind-up the Young Lion. When he finally got the tag, they regretted that decision. Young Kit is a terrifying individual when he’s in full flight, and he showed that here.

Of course, Young Kit is called Young Kit for a reason (I realise no one calls him that) and when Best Friends regained control, they kept it. One Strong Zero put to end an entertaining contest.

Verdict: Three Stars

Jeff Cobb and Michael Elgin (6) defeated Togi Makabe and Henare (0)

Angry Henare. Credit: NJPW

You know what I said about Ishii smacking sense into Henare? It seems to be sense combined with a vicious streak. That Young Lion ain’t taking no prisoners now, and he fired out of the gate here.

Unfortunately for him, that just served to put him in place for those incredible suplexes from Cobb. I could watch him spin people through the air all night long. The guy is a freak, and I love it.

The ever-improving Henare aside there wasn’t much to this. Makabe continues to find ways to do as little work as possible. Although he did leave his feet more than once so give him credit for that.

Verdict: Two Stars

Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa) (8) defeated Killer Elite Squad (Davey Boy Smith Jr and Lance Archer) (6)

He’s behind you. Credit: NJPW

I am completely apathetic to Guerrillas of Destiny at this point. They’re an alright team but they’ve hung around the Heavyweight Tag picture without any real story. It’s left them over-exposed and they could use a break. Whether that’s Tama going off by himself or a drop down the card for a bit.

That played a part in what left me feeling cold watching this. Unlike KES vs War Machine – who I thought managed to do something different from their numerous encounters in multi-team matches – this felt like more of the same. Two decent if unspectacular teams having a decent if unspectacular match. It’s a sentence which could sum up most of what GOD does.

The one noteworthy thing to come out of this is that both War Machine and GOD have now beaten KES. They wouldn’t do it again, would they?

Verdict: Two Stars 

CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii and Toru Yano) (6) defeated War Machine (Hanson and Raymond Rowe) (6)

Yano does Yano things. Credit: NJPW

Seeing Hanson do nasty thing to Yano was a fun way to start this match. We were all watching for one thing, though. Ishii and War Machine causing a bit of a ruckus.

Which they did very successfully. Few people are better at causing a ruckus than those three men. It was stiff, and it was lairy, and I liked it. Gosh, that sounds dirty. Look, there was nothing complex about this and if you’ve spent any time at all watching them wrestle you’ll know exactly what it looked like.

The big surprise was that not only did Yano and Ishii pick up the win, but it was also Yano that got the honours. The old low blow into a roll-up saw them steal the two points (although I doubt Ishii felt like he stole it after the shift he put in) and Yano took his usual G1 role into World Tag League. They need someone to make sure all the scores work out.

Verdict: Two And A Half Stars

Overall Show

Tightening the hold. Credit: NJPW

By B Blocks higher standards this was a weak showing. The opener and the main event saved it from being entirely in the doldrums, however, no one needs to watch this. Fingers crossed it’s just a blip. I can’t take all the shows being bad.

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