Revolution Pro Wrestling Live At The Cockpit 23 Review

World Tag League is over and I have a lot of non-New Japan wrestling to catch-up on. This show was a while ago now, but I know you’re all still dying to hear my opinions…

Let’s dish out some stars.

Kurtis Chapman defeated El Phantasmo

This was designed to make Kurtis Chapman look like a warrior. El Phantasmo hit him with a lot and every time it looked like he’d been knocked down, he got back up again. It’s not only a Chumbawamba song; it’s babyface-wrestling 101 too.

Phantasmo is on an interesting path with Rev Pro at the moment. He’s being presented as a guy who has all the skills and yet can’t get over the line. Whenever he seems to be gaining momentum, he takes a second too long to hit a move or to pander to the crowd and because of that loses it. Here, he couldn’t put Chapman away and was lured into an intricate roll-up. It’s a set up that can lead to a frustrated heel turn or see him become a battling babyface.

This was a great opener. It was pacey and both men did a lot without giving everything away. Three pats on the back all-around.

Verdict: Three Stars

Rob Lias defeated RJ Singh by disqualification

Rob Lias hasn’t clicked with me. Everything ground to a halt when he was in control and only came back to life when Singh fired-up. They’re going down the sneaky heel route with him and maybe it will come together, but at this point, I’m not sold.

RJ did enough to make sure that this wasn’t a total write off. However, even he couldn’t prevent the post-match shenanigans overshadowing proceedings. This was about taking the next step in the Lias vs Dennis feud. Eddie showed a lot of fire when he interfered, losing his rag and taking out everyone in his way. Combine that with the announcement of him vs Pete Dunne on the next show, and he was the real story here.

Verdict: Two Stars

Jinny defeated Charli Evans

Jinny stole the win off Charli Evans in the three-way with Veda Scott, so this was Evans’ chance to get revenge.

This had the same problem that all Jinny’s matches in Rev Pro have. I don’t believe that she’s going to lose. It makes the wrestlers’ jobs even harder as they have to not only have a good outing, they also have to convince the watcher to forget that fact.

Even if they never quite managed to get me to suspend my disbelief, this was still a decent performance. Evans wrestles that Jeff Cobb style. It’s all suplexes and big strikes, which is a reliable way to get me onside. I’m sure we’ll see plenty more of her in the future and, hopefully, she’ll get to drop Jinny on her hand at a point when she can pick up the win.

Verdict: Two And A Half Stars

Zack Gibson and Josh Bodom defeated Aussie Open (Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher)

Aussie Open are fantastic. For a team as young as they are to be as adept as they are is mind-blowing. Imagine what they could be like if they teamed for another five years?

Here, Kyle Fletcher played the babyface in peril perfectly. Gibson and Bodom were the perfect opponents for him too as they have no issue being as dislikable as possible. They bullied him for a long stretch here and took pleasure in doing it.

It all built to that Davis hot tag and that’s when chaos took over. Davis is a machine with some of the best power moves in the game. Yet, he’s also light on feet and as fun to watch on the back foot as he is on the front.

The finish was expertly done as Aussie Open looked to have the victory before Gibson and Bodom cheated them out of it. Moustache Mountain and Aussie Open will be a big match for Rev Pro someday and holding off on it might be for the best at the moment.

Verdict: Three And A Half Stars

Martin Stone defeated Chris Ridgeway

This was my first introduction to the highly rated Chris Ridgeway and it didn’t take much to make me a fan. Gotta love those kicks.

He had a good opponent for it in Martin Stone. Stone is the kind of wrestler who doesn’t need a fancy gimmick or a great story. The way he holds himself is enough. You instantly know this is not a guy to mess with. These two had a stiff, wrestle heavy match-up and it was a lot of fun to watch. Even the chin locks were designed to look like they were devastating.

This did everything that it needed to do. It was an impressive debut for Chris Ridgeway and in being so made Stone look all the better for being the guy to put him down. They beat the crap out of each other and if you can’t enjoy that what can you enjoy?

Verdict: Four Stars

Flash Mogan Webster defeated Ryan Smile to win the British Cruiserweight Title

This result might be seen as a bit of a shocker. However, Ryan Smile is going through some things at the moment. In fact, I was kind of surprised he was wrestling at all.

Sadly, things never came together here. There were a lot of cool moments but they were disjointed, and it felt sluggish. Whether Smile’s injury was legit or not, Webster not attacking the leg looked strange. Particularly when commentary kept bringing it up. It doesn’t matter how talented these men are, this wasn’t their night.

In saying that, all the best to Smile and I hope he gets better soon.

Verdict: Two Stars

CCK (Chris Brookes and Travis Banks) defeated Legion of Lords (Lord Gideon Grey, No Fun Dunne and Rishi Goshi)

The poor little wolf has hurt himself again and you have to feel bad for him. He’s had a rough end to the year. Didn’t stop Lord Gideon and co being all mean about it, though. Heal up, Wolfie.

This was chaos. It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of crowd brawling and the like (just read any Suzuki-gun review I’ve ever done) so the opening did see me zone out.

Once we got back to the ring, the action improved immeasurably. There were balloons, dives and a big party popper style thing. No one is going to call this a wrestling classic, but it was damn entertaining. All five of these men are entertainers, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Verdict: Three Stars

Overall Show

This was another enjoyable outing from Rev Pro. The debut of Chris Ridgeway and the tag match stole the show, with everything else being at least decent. These Cockpit cards are easy to watch and in the short time I’ve been a fan, they haven’t disappointed me yet.

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