Discovery Wrestling vs Bullet Club Review

Disco Poster
Lovely poster too. Credit: Discovery Wrestling

Discovery Wrestling closed out the year with another visit from some of indie wrestling’s biggest talents. Disco has had a fantastic 2017 and it seemed only fitting that they’d say goodbye to it with another great show. Let’s dish out some stars.

Kenny Williams defeated Liam Slater

A pretty standard opener from Williams and Slater. Kenny has gone from strength to strength this year and is beginning to look like the complete package.

I haven’t seen much of Slater in the past, and while he comes across a bit like generic indie wrestler number one, he did a decent job here.

It’s just a shame that they weren’t given a bit more time. They were starting to hit their stride and then it was done. Still, a nice opener.

Verdict: Two And A Half Stars

Christopher Saynt defeated Michael Chase in a Lumberjack Match

This wasn’t much of a match. The majority of it was spent on the outside where everyone had a bit of a brawl. It was meant to sell the intensity of this feud, but as it seems to have gone on forever without achieving much, it wasn’t doing it for me.

Thankfully, it appears to now be over as Saynt picked up the win. This subsequently caused Chase to snap and go after his wee mate Lou King Sharpe and every other babyface in attendance. Meanwhile, Deviation came out and attacked Saynt. Both men will benefit from doing something new

Verdict: One And A Half Stars

Sammi Jayne defeated Kay Lee Ray to retain the Discovery Women’s Title

After an underwhelming start to the show, this was the match that kicked things off properly.

I’ve always been a bit undecided on Sammi Jayne. I saw a lot of her when she was teaming (and then feuding) with Nikki Storm in ICW, and while she had upsides, she was clearly green. She came across as someone who had all the ingredients but needed a bit longer in the oven.

Well, it appears she is now cooked. This was a fantastic performance from Jayne. She’s crafted a suplex heavy move-set and comes across as the friendly babyface who can still get it done in the ring. There are a lot of talented wrestlers in the UK at the moment, and it takes a lot to stand out, this is the kind of outing that allows you to do so.

We can’t ignore the woman she was in there with, though. Kay Lee Ray has been fantastic for years and she only seems to get better. She radiates star power and has a vicious streak. Perhaps more importantly, she’s someone who makes others look good. You don’t see many bad Kay Lee Ray matches.

Verdict: Three And A Half Stars

Cody Rhodes defeated BT Gunn to retain the ROH Title

This was turned into a title match after the fans convinced Cody to put the ROH World Title on the line. It made the finish clear, however, it was still a cool moment and I imagine BT wasn’t complaining.

What was also cool, was seeing Cody have a good match. It’s no secret his in-ring work has never lived up to his character, but this was the best showing I’ve seen from him with a man not called Okada. Now, I should say that I haven’t watched it back and there is always a seeing it live buzz. When it’s up on-demand I’ll check to see if it holds up.

The story was that what started initially as a friendly contest, quickly broke down. Cody seemed to be caught off-guard by how impressive BT was and got frustrated when he couldn’t put him away. At one point Gunn even kicked out of Cross Rhodes which was a nice rub for Cody to give him. My one complaint is that BT didn’t get the opportunity to chop fuck out of The American Nightmare, although he did at least get a couple of sharp slaps in.

This was proof of the talents of BT Gunn. He went out there with a guy who has had mediocre showings with wrestlers like Michael Elgin – and while Elgin’s a dick, he doesn’t often do average – and got something great out of him. That’s the kind of accolade you can hang your hat on.

Verdict: Three And A Half Stars

Marty Scurll defeated Flip Gordon

Flip Gordon loves the flips. Which in turn, means I love Flip Gordon. Do all the flips, lad. Flip as often as you can flip. It’s the best way to live your life.

That lovely flipping did enough to elevate what is quickly becoming Marty Scurll’s stock match. I still enjoy the Villian and – as his recent Power Struggle showing with Ospreay proved – he can go. However, the shtick has overtaken the character at this point. He’s so over that he doesn’t need to work hard. Finger break spots and fake-out superkicks will get him through.

Even as I’m complaining, I have to admit this was still enjoyable. There’s just that feeling that if Scurll wanted to, he could do so much better.

Verdict: Three Stars

The Kings of Catch (Lewis Girvan and Aspen Faith) defeated The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson), Polo Promotions (Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo) and The Buffet Club (Gene Munny and Rob Cage) in an Elimination Match

One of the highlights of this was watching Matt and Nick react to The Buffet Club. I don’t know how much they’d been clued in beforehand, but they sold their utter bemusement at Gene and Rob’s antics perfectly. It made the apron as fun to watch as the ring.

The in-ring stuff was entertaining too, although the elimination stipulation didn’t help them. Polo Promotions felt like they were given short shrift as despite getting some scoops slams in, they never really got a chance to shine.

I’m also aware that some people have my above complaints about Marty for the Bucks too. It’s not an issue I have. It doesn’t matter how many times I see Matt and Nick do their thing, I still love it. They are ridiculously entertaining, and they hit all those moves perfectly everytime. Their interactions with the  Kings of Catch were great here and post-match they hinted they’d be back to try and even the score at some point in the future.

Verdict: Three And A Half Stars

Joe Hendry defeated David Starr

Before the match Discovery held a raffle with one of the prizes being the chance to become David Starr’s personal ring announcer. A young lad won and did a cracking job in what was a lovely moment.

It’s a shame it didn’t live up to that. I was looking forward to this one. Both men have wrestling backgrounds (or presents in the case of Hendry) which combined with Starr’s stiff style made this look attractive.

Sadly, they never got a chance to show it, because just as this looked to be coming up to speed Hendry snuck out a win with a roll-up. It was a flat finish to something that had been heating up thanks to Starr’s massive strikes.

I still think there is a decent match to be had between these two and I know for a fact Starr can do much better.Let’s hope Discovery brings him back and gives him another chance.

Verdict: Two Stars

Joe Coffey defeated Matt Cross to retain the Y Division Title

Talking about stiff matches.

These two have tangled in the past and they always deliver. Discovery knows how to make Coffey look strong. You can tell he loves wrestling there and they bring in opponents that are suited to his style.

In Matt Cross, they have perhaps the perfect opponent. He’s a fantastic combination of speed and strength. Coffey is at his best when he has someone he can trade blows with. However, he also benefits from someone who can take those big bumps and Cross is both of those things.

This was another big main event from Discovery and it delivered. I don’t think it was quite up there with the best of this card but it was very close and was a lot of fun.

Verdict: Three Stars

Overall Show

Discovery isn’t the biggest promotion in the world, and yet, they rarely put on bad shows. They provide a combination of exciting imports and impressive local talent. On top of that, they have a lovely atmosphere. If you’re in Edinburgh or fancy a trip, I can’t recommend them highly enough.

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