Ice Ribbon P’s Party 44 (3/6/20) Review

This is going to end badly for someone. Credit: Ice Ribbon

The Ice Ribbon catch-up continues, and P is having yet another party. Where do they get the energy?

Madeline defeated Banny Oikawa

Wow, there was a shitload of personality in that ring. Madeline was making her P’s Party debut and quickly got into a game of one-upmanship with Banny. They took it in turns to Snapmare each other over and tee-off with a stiff kick. Said stiffness only increased as they went along and at least one of Madeline’s blows suddenly like it could have broken a bone or two.

It was a good indication of what was to come as these two proved very evenly matched, continually having an answer to the questions posed. Banny would unleash with a series of kicks only for Madeline to get the better of a forearm exchange. They were proving incredibly difficult to separate.

In the end, said separation came when they both stood across the ring from each other, let out a yell and charged. It would be Madeline who had the better plan, slipping past Banny and bundling her up for the three. That match was a whole load of fun.

Verdict: Hella Good Time

Thekla defeated Satsuki Totoro

Since getting her new gear, Thekla has been on a wee winning streak and picked up a victory over Totoro on the previous show. While said achievement was slightly overshadowed by the appearance of a T-Rex in the match, it was a massive result for the Austrian, and this was her chance to show it hadn’t been a fluke.

She’d end up doing so in an impressive performance. I loved the way Thekla wrestled this match, continually finding ways to avoid Totoro’s strength. At one point, it looked like Satsuki was going to power out of a Camel Clutch, lifting Thekla with her. However, rather than accept the inevitable, Thekla chose to leap into the air and come crashing down with a Double Stomp.

It was moments like that which allowed her to tie Totoro up in a bow and force the submission, keeping her winning streak alive. Ice Ribbon appears to be pushing her up the card, and recent performances suggest it’s well deserved.

Verdict: Thekla’s On A Roll

Suzu Suzuki defeated Misa Matsui

I have to remind myself how young Suzu is when watching her in matches like this. She’s out there playing the grizzled old vet taking young Matsui (roughly three years older than her) to town. Like Stardom’s AZM, she’s wiser than her years.

Not that she’s out there eating up these rookies. Much like her recent matches with Ishikawa, this was a well-worked encounter. Suzu was a step ahead, but Matsui’s fire was enough for her to spring a couple of surprises, catching Suzuki off-guard and making sure she worked for the victory.

Of course, she would eventually get it, wrapping her legs around Matsui’s and forcing her shoulders to the ground. It was a solid finish to a nice wee match that did a good job of highlighting the rookie. It was even more impressive when you realise it was Matsui’s first outing in three months. Well done her.

Verdict: Grizzled Vet Suzu

Kaho Kobayashi and Nao Ishikawa defeated Tsukushi and Yappy

Our main event was one of those matches where I had a lovely old time, but don’t actually have too much to say about it. You had three talented wrestlers plus an exciting rookie, so you can probably imagine how it went.

The highlight, perhaps unsurprisingly, was Tsukushi and Kobayashi’s interactions, the two of them amping things up a notch whenever they got together. Combine that with Yappy’s good form and Nao’s continued improvement, and there really isn’t much to complain about.

If you were picky, you could point out that Ishikawa clearly thought she still had a part to play as Kaho set-up the finish, wandering into the ring and looking awkward before sneaking back out, but you’d have to be a right grump. It did nothing to hurt my enjoyment of what happened.

Verdict: Load Of Fun

Afterwards, Tskushi offered Kaho her hand, and you have to know how that ended. It certainly wasn’t with a handshake. Still, that cleared the way for Ishikawa to close the show for the first time, which is a big box to tick in what is hopefully a long career.

Overall Show

P’s Parties are a blast. They’re ridiculously easy to watch, generally coming in at under an hour and focusing on simple, well-worked matches. What they’re giving you is unlikely to linger, but it’s the kind of wrestling that I can watch all day.

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