Ice Ribbon P’s Party 45 (10/6/20) Review

I was struggling to find a proper picture. Credit: Ice Ribbon

Are you ready for another party with P? You better be.

Maika Ozaki defeated Mari Manji

I believe this is my first time seeing Manji wrestle as she’s on the Pure-J roster, a company I pay little to no attention to. She has worked a couple of shows for Ice Ribbon before, though.

The action was fairly basic, worked around submissions and big hits, but that’s no bad thing. They were going hard for an opener, seemingly determined to beat on each other and hoss it out. Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple if the simple you’re doing is executed well, which this was.

Verdict: Solid

Thekla and Madeline defeated Banny Oikawa and Rina Shingaki

Madeline and Banny are proving to be a great pairing, although I’m not sure they’d want to be associated as they don’t seem to be getting along. Banny must have still been pissed off over their last encounter as she lead Rina (who is a 2AW wrestler) in going for the cheap shot out of the handshake.

That was the start of a damn good tag match, Banny and Madeline picking up where they left off, aka kicking the shit out of each other. Shingaki is another newbie for me and showed off some nice grappling as she attacked Madeline’s arm. Everyone seemed to gel nicely, and the action was kept at a fast pace throughout.

The final act was the Thekla show, though, as she unleashed some kicks of her own, taking Banny’s head off in the process. I’ve said it a bunch, but she’s been impressive recently, and I’m enjoying her more with every match.

Verdict: Impressive!

Hamuko Hoshi defeated Yappy

Our second hoss-off of the show and you really do love to see it. Yappy and Hamuko kicked things off by running into each other, setting up a match that was all about the power.

And in a joshi scene where powerful women often take a backseat, it was entertaining to see two people go out and leather each other. There was no holding back here, the two of them giving everything in an attempt to crush their opponent.

It was also another great performance from Yappy. Much like Thekla, she has impressed all the way through Ice Ribbon’s no fan shows, and it was lovely to see that form continue in front of an, admittedly small, audience. She’d ultimately eat defeat, but she looked good doing so, and that’s more than half the battle.

Verdict: Power!

Tsukushi and Ibuki Hoshi defeated Suzu Suzuki and Satsuki Totoro

There was some prime Tsukushi content in this one as she charged around the place in peak-goblin mode. Whether it was posing in front of Ibuki as she was getting chopped or enticing officials into stamping on people’s back, she was on top form.

It was less of a fun afternoon for Ibuki as even though she was on the winning side, she spent a lot of the match getting beat-up. Tsukushi is a great partner because she’s very good and she’ll probably win you the match, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she has your back.

All of that plus more made this a ridiculously fun showing. It was a million miles an hour, packed with talent and a blast to watch. Unfortunately, it also meant that Suzu’s bad form continued, this being the final show before her title shot. It left her with one win in her last five, which isn’t the standard way to build your challenger, but I guess we’ll see how it worked soon because I’ll finally be covering that next.

Verdict: All The Tsukushi

Overall Show

Like most P’s Parties, this was an easy watch that flew by. The whole show was roughly forty-five minutes, so you’ve no excuse not to spend some time with it.

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