The Dillinger Escape Plan

MetallicaSlayerRed Hot Chilli PeppersGreen Day and the list could go on. What do all those bands have in common?

  1. They have had a visible impact on the history of rock music. 
  2. They have gone on way past their sell by date.

Think of it like this, what if Metallica had called it a day after Load and Reload? What if the Chilli Peppers had checked out after Californication? Would Slayer be looked on differently if they’d gone before they got old and how would the punk world view Green Day if they had hung up their guitars before they tried to become U2? If these bands had done those things, how much bigger would their legends be?

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Metallica are one of the greatest bands of all time. Some people would call that an opinion, but they would be wrong. It is fact. Few bands have rewritten the rulebook as many times as James Hetfield and co. Go back and listen to Kill ‘Em All and then throw on Justice For All… and tell me that sounds like the same band. You can then mosey on down to the Black Album and hear something completely different.

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Get In The Ring

We can all claim maturity, but it doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone loves a good fight. It’s why UFC is worth $4 billion, and Brock Lesnar is a motherfucking hero. It’s also why watching two bands bicker will also be entertaining. Whether it’s Guns ‘N’ Roses and Nirvana or Slipknot and Mushroomhead seeing two groups trade barbed comments through the media (or as is the case now, social media) is just fun.

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Sitting down to write about letlive is a tough thing to do. Since the release of their debut album Fake History, they have established themselves as a bands who continually defy expectation. It is a trend that has continued with the fantastic If I’m the Devil… an album which shows them upping the soul side of their soul-punk sound.

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Prophets of Rage

“We’re doing to demonstrate what it means to be anti-establishment. We’re going to demonstrate what it really means to rage against the machine. It’s a locomotive-like fury.”

The words of a certain Tom Morello, a man you may have heard of. He is, of course, talking about the newly formed Prophets of Rage. An amalgamation of Rage Against the Machine men Morello, Brad Wilk, Tim Commerfield, Chuck D of Public Enemy and B-Real of Cypress Hill. But are Prophets of Rage the best the music industry can do?

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Obsessed With The Past

I’m a gluten for punishment me and that’s why far too regularly I find myself browsing through the comments of the latest Metal Hammer Facebook post. It’s a horrible dark place where the very worst sections of our world reside, and it inevitably leads to me wanting to chew my laptop with frustration. It does, however, give me a constant supply of ideas for stuff to write about. So that’s something.

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Gene Simmons

The sun will rise, the tides will change, Arsenal’s Premier League campaign will fall apart in January and Gene Simmons will open his big fat mouth, and shit will spew out. These are the facts of life. This week Simmons has decided to outshine the other three however by commenting on the passing of Prince, describing his death at ‘pathetic.’ A claim which led bandmate Paul Stanley to say he was ’embarrassed’ by the comments.

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It has been confirmed. Axl Rose shall be the new lead singer of AC/DC. It may have appeared to be the kind of rumour that you would laugh about in the pub chuckling into your pint before bemoaning the stupidity of the internet, however, somehow it has come to be, and it makes no fucking sense.

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Bieber’s Not Too Bad

Shock, horror children know more Justin Bieber lyrics than they do Shakespeare! This eye-catching headline is making the rounds today as the world expresses dismay that children are not memorizing the words of Shakespeare. But here’s the thing, I did a degree in English literature, and I can tell you right now I didn’t spend my younger years memorizing the Bard. I sat in front of the CD player and sung along to ‘Rock DJ’ until I could recite it word perfect. Christ, I probably still can.

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